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Delivering Cutting-Edge Data Engineering Services for Marketing and Sales Teams


Jami Goodwin Medina: Delivering Cutting-Edge Data Engineering Services for Marketing and Sales Teams

Empirical Data Strategies provides data engineering services for marketing and sales teams. The company’s expertise is in maximizing the power of customer data to impact its client’s businesses. Its focus is to specialize in performing advanced machine learning with market channel data.


An Experienced Leader

Prior to starting Empirical, Jami Goodwin Medina, CEO of Empirical Data, has held numerous leadership roles within financial and healthcare institutions in strategy and business development. She has been an early adopter of data visualization and specialized in using market data within healthcare CRMs to help understand patient and provider decisions and patterns. Jami holds a master’s degree from the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine and from Washington University in St. Louis’s McKelvey School of Engineering. In addition to her role with Empirical, Jami serves as the Director of Data and Analytics for Lewis Communications.


Continuous Learning from Real-Life Experiences and Peers

Starting her career in financial services, Jami worked mostly in male-dominated spaces. Jami notes that it has been incredibly refreshing for her to see the tech community embrace diversity-in gender, in thought, in education and experience. While the industry as a whole still has work to do, Jami is glad to see the emphasis on accepting talent based on skills has been a great equalizer and has contributed to its rapid growth as a company. Jami also says that having worked directly in the healthcare industry and financial services certainly allowed her to bring an understanding of the pressures that its clients face every day to produce an ROI for their marketing investments.


Overcoming the Challenges

Early in Jami’s career, women were still questioned for their dedication to work in technical roles. There was a misguided belief that hard work meant 18 hour a day, head down, in front of a laptop. While Jami had her share of those days, she learned that her team works best when they can balance the demands of their life with that of the job.


Factors Forming Leaders of Tomorrow

In order to succeed in data science and engineering, Jami thinks it is critical to be dedicated to constantly learning. She saves time every day for coding and building skills to stay relevant, to help provide the best guidance and feedback to her team and to the clients the company serves. Jami concentrates to stay on top of new technological innovations.


Innovative Products/Solutions to Attract the Target Audience

Jami believes that the company is constantly listening to its customers and demonstrating to them the value that comes from new technologies and techniques. Curiosity is a core value at Empirical, and by staying dedicated to its clients and their needs, along with constantly learning new and efficient techniques from different industries and applying them to marketing and customer data, the company is able to set its clients up for success and drive their business forward.


Disruptive Technologies Impacting Today’s Innovation

According to Jami, many of the programming languages, tools and techniques that she uses every day are very different from whatever she learned in school. Empirical embraced the power of artificial intelligence and big data modelling for many of its clients, as it is now able to understand the power of individual human behaviour and model on a large scale to deliver precise outcomes on who to reach and why. Thus, the company continues to innovate with the industry and find new ways to bring the power of data to every step of the marketing journey.


The Future Ahead

While the past year has been incredibly challenging around the globe, one key change that Empirical is observing is that more companies are embracing the power of remote work and remote partnerships. This has allowed the company’s team to continue to innovate and grow, as partners are willing to work more with talented companies outside of major coastal cities. Jami is very excited when she thinks about the future of data science and engineering and the opportunities that exist for remote talent all over the globe to engage with a workforce hungry for their skills.


Radiating Key Advice to Emerging Women Leaders

Jami advises future women leaders to not give up and to take time to build the skill set and portfolio. She believes those who are passionate about data and curious to help their clients find answers and solve complex problems, will always have a place in this industry.


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