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DigiYatra system for all at Pune airport from Friday

PUNE: Travellers flying out of Pune can have a seamless entry and security clearance process from Friday as the airport will start the DigiYatra system for all passengers.

DigiYatra is a platform that uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of flyers and will enable a hassle-free and paperless experience for passengers. The system will run as an additional option alongside the prevailing terminal entry and security clearance system.

“We hope that the DigiYatra system, starting from the end of this month at the Pune airport, is used by more flyers. It will be helpful for them,” Pune airport director Santosh Dhoke told TOI.

Pune will be the fourth airport in the country to have this system, which is a decentralised mobile-based ID storage platform. Flyers can save their IDs and travel documents after downloading DigiYatra app on their phones. The system aims to reduce waiting time and make the boarding process quicker to help flyers breeze through the airport with limited physical contact.

Last week, the Airports Authority of India’s (AAI) senior IT department officials reviewed the DigiYatra arrangements at the airport. “The process has been in the testing phase for some time now. DigiYatra has been active at Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi airports since December. In the second phase, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Vijayawada will get it,” another airport official said.

“The existing system of entering the airport and going through check-in and security checks will remain. Passengers can choose either of the two methods. However, we encourage flyers to try DigiYatra. At present, a lot is being said and done to decongest all airports, including Pune, ahead of the summer schedule,” the official said, adding that there will be bigger crowds once summer vacations begin.

“Flyers can use DigiYatra and be sure of seamless entry till they board their aircraft. Notices regarding the system will be present at the airport, and we are planning to engage some officials who will guide flyers on the way to register and use it,” the official added.

Crowding has become a perennial problem at the Pune airport, which currently records over 16,000 departures a day across 45-48 flights.


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