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DJ Hardwell: In India, it’s always a crazy crowd to perform in front of


Over the years, DJ Hardwell has formed a special bond with Indian fans through his several performances in the country. And he describes the music scene in the country ‘incredibly exciting’ thanks to the emerging talent.

DJ Hardwell recently performed in India
DJ Hardwell recently performed in India

“I’ve been to India numerous times now on tour and had a chance to see various sides of the country’s culture and its people and have always found it a very enriching experience. It’s certainly helped my perspective as an artist when performing in the country,” he tells us.

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The DJ and producer adds, “You’ve an incredibly exciting scene from the emerging talent through to the music events happening in the country. With more and more international acts coming to the country, it’s only going to get bigger and bigger as new talent gets discovered and more music from India gets signed and pushed to international audiences”.

Hardwell, a name synonymous with electronic dance music (EDM), is all set to come back to the country and plug in the peppy beats. He recently headlined at the music festival, Sunburn 2023 .

Talking about performing in the country, he says, “The love of Indian fans is immense and has always been an incredibly warm experience to receive as an artist. They’ve supported my career with such commitment that it’s always an honour to come back and reconnect with them. I know this show with Sunburn will be another wild and fun experience, which I can’t wait to be a part of! The Indian fans have always shown me such love and their energy at my shows is wild! It’s always a crazy crowd to perform to. I like how free I can be with your music when playing to my Indian fans. This makes for a great show, and I know this Sunburn set will be right up there as one of the best!”.

When it comes to his set, he had packed a lot of surprise elements. “I spent the past month working on new music and special new edits especially for this show. I know the crowds in India are tuned in and are super open minded, so I like to make sure my sets are filled with special surprises to keep them guessing,” he ends.


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