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Economic Daily: the role of real estate in stabilizing the economy is emerging

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The economic daily pointed out that the real estate industry has played an obvious role in driving economic growth and stabilizing the basic macro-economy. At present, the continuous and intensive introduction of measures to stabilize the real estate market will continuously improve the situation of insufficient or sluggish demand in the real estate market. At the same time, the industry liquidity risk will also be greatly mitigated. As a pillar industry, the real estate industry has a large scale, long chain and a wide range of implications. It accounts for a considerable share of the whole society’s fixed asset investment, local fiscal revenue and total loans of financial institutions. It has a strong driving effect on upstream and downstream related industries, has a great impact on investment and consumption, and has a systematic impact on economic and financial stability and risk prevention and control. With the comprehensive effect of many measures to stabilize the property market gradually emerging, the real estate market is expected to further stabilize. It is believed that the role of the second half of the year in economic stability will gradually appear.

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