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Essential Tools and Resources to Improve Your Manufacturing Business

The manner in which the manufacturing industry has changed and grown over time is phenomenal. Manufacturing is no longer a gritty industrial business and there are so many ways to improve and sustain manufacturing processes and systems. This article looks at some of the simplest ways that you can improve your business in manufacturing.

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Software tools 

There are many software tools available to improve your manufacturing concern. The guiding principle of most software packages, such as the modern work order management software available, is to contain costs and improve efficiency and productivity. You will need to do some research and background reviews to understand what software is available and what is being used by those in your manufacturing sector. The one you choose will depend on which aspects of the business you want to automate, including customer management, procurement and production planning, which can all be automated quite easily with the right software.  

The 5 Ss 

The 5 Ss tool can help improve the manufacturing mindset. It emphasizes the importance of a clean and tidy workspace to maintain your best levels of productivity. There are ongoing monitoring and checks to ensure that the process is being followed: 

  1. Sort: Remove and get rid of anything that is not needed. 
  2. Shine: Keep all tools and equipment ready for use. 
  3. Set order: All items, tools and resources should be set out clearly so that they are easy to find. 
  4. Standardize: Set standardized ways of working that everyone is able to understand and follow. 
  5. Sustain: Keep the changes implemented and stick to the rules. Also, look for ongoing continuous improvements. 

Integration and compatibility of the chosen tools 

You need to ensure that your information technology, as well as software and communication tools, are all able to be integrated between departments as well as with your priority external stakeholders. Using the same systems and tools that are able to communicate and update each other allows for everyone in the business to be on the same page. There is no point in having the best accounting software in the business if it isn’t able to link and communicate with the production and sales departments. 

The right personnel 

Human resources are an essential part of any business improvement, and although not a tool, these human resources will be the defining factor for your business’ success. Unless you have the right people who are able to use the appropriate technology at the right time, none of these tools and improvements will be of any use. 

There are ongoing changes happening in all business sectors, and manufacturing is no different. The tools and resources as discussed herein are those that you need to develop a manufacturing business that runs and operates as best it can. 

*image courtesy of Shutterstock

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