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EXCLUSIVE| Vicky Jain breaks silence on equation with Ankita: Our relationship..

Vicky Jain is ecstatic at the love he has been receiving for his stint on a recently concluded reality show. “Riteish Deshmukh, my friend, Farah Khan, everyone appreciated me. People said ‘Vicky bhaiya aapne show ko chalaya’, because I was there in almost every portion which was aired. Me and Ankita (Lokhande, wife, fellow contestant) both would watch all previous seasons. It feels really great,” he says.

Businessman Vicky Jain with wife, actor Ankita Lokhande


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He is right when he says he was there in almost every frame of the show- and so was his marriage with Ankita Lokhande. Their fights, friction, everything was aired on national television, and created headlines. Their rocky relationship also fuelled rumours about their future.

However, ask him about it, and the businessman replies, “We live in a world where men and women both can have equal feelings, not aligned with each other. They can have different opinions and argue. I don’t know how people missed this track. It’s important to give your opinion on the show, otherwise people will say you are listening to your partner, where are your decisions? In daily life, we have not seen recordings of our fight, so we don’t know how we look like when we argue. I can argue, hold my position, but nothing against my relationship, it will always be the same.”

Jain realised how it was coming across to the public, when some media persons were take inside the game show to have a chat with the participants. “They said it’s looking so out of hand. Relationship is not the only priority there, as you are also thinking about the game. I am a business guy who took an off, just for this show. I thought it’s my best chance to enjoy. So I was also concentrating on the game. But yes, a little time and attention could have been given, I should have been a little more polite to Ankita’s emotional needs. I couldn’t understand that there,” he asserts.


As for the families being dragged- both Vicky and Ankita’s mothers were also brought on the show, and a lot of controversy ensued because of his mom’s stance on her daughter-in-law. She was also upset at how she was treating him on the show. Jain realises fully how that should not have happened. He continues, “Ankita and me decided to get married at a certain age when we were mature. My family isn’t a part of this industry, they don’t understand. In Tier 2 and 3 cities, people meet each other at so many places, it doesn’t happen in a city like Mumbai. So naturally they asked questions to my family about our relationship when they saw us on the show, on how was the relationship with Ankita. My family doesn’t know how we are because they don’t live with us. Ankita’s mother has, so she has seen us having differences, like a normal family. I never say I support (what happened), I am not vouching for it. But a mother’s emotions just come out at any moment, sometimes they are reasonable, sometimes they aren’t.”

However, after coming out from the show’s house, Jain had a chat with them, and everything is okay. “I don’t know why people missed out on the good side. Because my relationship with Ankita is so strong, we could let it happen to each other. We are happy, our relationship is very strong. Also, I never disturbed Ankita’s game, I respected her individuality, and always knew it’s okay to have disagreements,” he ends.

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