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Faridabad civic infrastructure in poor shape

THE HSVP (HUDA) market of Sector 7 in Faridabad city has been lying in a pitiable condition for a long time. A building block of Shop-cum-Flats in the said market is dilapidated, its residential part has been declared condemned, and the verandahs have been encroached upon by vendors. The building may collapse in the event of a strong tremor as its pillars and walls have developed cracks. Mahesh Kumar, Faridabad

Packs of dogs a threat

THERE has been an unprecedented increase in the number of stray dogs in the twin cities of Yamunanagar and Jagadhri in the past few years. Packs of dogs can be seen roaming in Irrigation Department Colony near Tejli Khel Stadium and Basant Nagar Colony. If someone tries to shoo them away, they become violent. The dogs frequently attack lone pedestrians, children and the elderly. The MC authorities must accord top priority to the issue. Amar Nath, Jagadhri

Stray cattle menace in Karnal

RESIDENTS continue to face stray cattle problem in Karnal. Stray cattle can be seen roaming on roads and in the busy markets of the city, blocking traffic movement. Stray animals feeding on heaps of garbage is a common sight. The local authorities must address the problem and provide a practical solution for it. Gaurav Aneja, Karnal


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