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fuboTV, Inc. (FUBO) Citi’s 2023 Communications, Media & Entertainment Conference (Transcript)

Call Start: 13:15 January 1, 0000 1:53 PM ET

fuboTV, Inc. (NYSE:FUBO)

Citi’s 2023 Communications, Media & Entertainment Conference Call

January 4, 2023 13:15 ET

Company Participants

David Gandler – Chief Executive Officer

John Janedis – Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

Jason Bazinet – Citi

Jason Bazinet

All right. Good afternoon. I’m Jason Bazinet, Citi’s Media and Entertainment Analyst. I’m very pleased to have David Gandler and John Janedis of FuboTV, CEO and CFO, respectively. I should have said that. Welcome, gentlemen.

David Gandler

Thank you.

John Janedis

Thanks for having us.

Jason Bazinet

Yes, absolutely. I have got some questions that I am going to ask, and if anyone in the audience would like to ask a question, just — please make sure you hit the button and we can have your question over the internet [ph] otherwise it will be a one-sided conversation [ph].

Well, I just want to start with like a real simple question in terms of competition. I mean if I’m a consumer, what would you describe as the set of attributes that would cause the consumer to say, I’m picking fuboTV over something else that might be out there in the marketplace?

David Gandler

This is actually very good question. One, I think that can be answered sort of in 3 buckets. One is on brand. We have positioned ourselves many years ago as a leading sports platform. We have 50,000 sporting events on Fubo. On the second bucket, I would say it’s product differentiation. We were first to market with capabilities like 4K. We’re the only service that has a perpetual DVR. So you can save your famous moments from World Cups of past or Super Bowls, etcetera.

We have features like Multiview which is one of the most talked about features. And

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