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G20 Summit: Supply chain disruption may impact mobile phone shipments and sales


Smartphone retailers are apprehensive of a potential disruption in supply of devices in the next 7-10 days due to the G20 Summit in Delhi. Some New Delhi-based retailers have also started seeing fewer footfalls because of ramped up security in the city and its neighbourhoods, impacting sales.

“The event is expected to impact the supply chains of various brands whose stocks are sourced from Noida and Delhi factories. As a result, there may be delays in receiving mobile phone shipments during this period,” the All India Mobile Retailers Association that represents 1,50,000 mobile phone retailers across the country told its members.

The retailer body advised retailers to closely monitor their stock levels and take appropriate measures to capitalise on this situation. “By actively promoting and incentivising the sale of ageing inventory, as well as the hot-selling products covered by MOP (Minimum Operating Price) and insurance, you can maximise your profits during this period,” the association said in an advisory.

A New Delhi-based retailer with two stores in the city said there has been a decline in footfalls in the markets he operates in due to heightened security and removal of street vendors. “In the past few days, my sales have been slower due to less people coming to the markets to shop as most street vendors have been removed. As a result, my sales are down slightly compared to a week before,” the retailer said.


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