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Gaurav Khanna surprises wife with a luxury car: Wanted something with good driving dynamics for Akanksha

Actor Gaurav Khanna recently gifted wife, Akanksha Chamola, an SUV. The Swaragini actor shared a reel on Instagram, thanking her husband for the surprise.

Gaurav Khanna surprises his wife with an SUV car

Much thought went into the purchase, shares Khanna, who is an enthusiast. “My wife loves to drive, so I wanted to get a car which has a good driving dynamics. I did my research about the ideal options. She didn’t want a big car because the roads and parking are a hassle in Mumbai. She wanted a mid-size SUV scenario. That’s why I went for this car,” he tells us.

The 41-year-old adds that the car was a surprise for his wife. “She didn’t know that I will get it so soon. The moment was lovely and she loved it. She loved the colour and the car, as it was also the top model.”

The Anupamaa actor shares that when it comes to making such purchases, he prefers features over luxury. “I am a car enthusiast. I love cars, but not necessarily luxury as I am a value-for-money guy. The car that the value for which one pays should be utilised,” he explains, adding that contrary to what many may believe, he isn’t much of a collector either.

“I’m a very practical guy. I don’t like wasting hard-earned money because cars are a depreciating asset at the end of the day — one shouldn’t forget that. Whatever you’re paying, you should get the value out of it and then only you should switch. So I buy cars probably after every four to five years,” notes the actor.

Since Khanna looks for good driving dynamics, does he believe in brand loyalty? The actor says he doesn’t have any brand preference for his future purchases. “There are so many of them. I can’t pinpoint because I’m not a diehard fan of any particular brand. In fact, now the Indian manufacturers are also doing so well, so I am very happy,” he wraps up.

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