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Google Chrome to get 3 new generative AI features; here’s how they work

As artificial intelligence advancements are fueling big tech companies, Google has announced three new generative AI features to be launched for Chrome in an effort to make the browsing experience smoother and more efficient for users.

Google Chrome has announced the launch of three new generative AI features for its browser.(Pixabay)

These three generative AI features will help the Chrome users organise their tabs, create custom themes and get assistance while writing on web. Here is all you need to know about how these AI features work.

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Tab Organiser

Chrome is set to launch its AI feature Tab Organiser, which will help the user manage and create lots of tabs without using manual commands. By using this AI tool, Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on your open tabs. To use this feature, all the user has to do is right click on a tab and choose “Organise Similar Tabs” from the drop down menu.

Customise Chrome

By using the Customise Chrome feature, one will be able to customise the theme for their Chrome browser, similar to the features recently introduced in Android 14 and Pixel 8 devices. Through this tool, users can create generative AI wallpapers for their Chrome browsers with just a few clicks. To use this AI tool, click on the ‘Customise Chrome’ side panel on the homepage, click “Change theme” and then “Create with AI.”

‘Help me write’ AI

The Google Chrome ‘Help me write’ AI tool is expected to be launched during next month’s Chrome release. This tool will help one write on web pages with better language and confidence. It can be used to fill out online forms, write emails or online reviews. To use this tool, the Chrome user can simply right click on a text box on Chrome and select “Help me write.” After this, one needs to enter a few keywords and AI will generate an automatic text response to the prompts.

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