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Haizol Execute Optimization to Meet New Customer Demand


For manufacturers, operational challenges have been on the rise in the last decade. For companies, this has meant either adapt fast, or get left behind.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 15, 2021 / — Manufacturing worldwide is facing operational challenges which have been on the rise in the last decade. For companies, this has meant either adapt fast, or get left behind. On order to meet these challenges, several initiatives have been put into place such as Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025.

Haizol highlights the important of manufacturers embracing and learning how to handle technology in automation, IoT, business processes, big data, and artificial intelligence. This will allow them to bring unique experiences to their customers.

Digitalization has resulted in a population that expect and demand a unique, tailored experience, mass market is no longer good enough. Haizol embrace and understand that life is now very much ‘on-demand’, with customers expecting services and goods which are customized to them. This changing consumer demand has resulted in a change in focus from product to consumer centred.

Haizol optimize on their value network to provide value to customers.

Having value network in your supply chain means that manufacturers can use more than their own existing suppliers online. They are able to leverage a comprehensive ecosystem that is dynamically delivered by a B2B online marketplace, such as Haizol.

Another way Haizol are optimizing to meet new customer demand is through their manufacturing operations management (MOM). MOM follows and monitors a part or product from raw materials until completion, including logistics, quality, labour, and supply chain transparency. It follows the end-to-end stream of events comprising people, process, material and machines associated to production, instead of the production alone.

MOM is utilized by manufacturers in order to fulfil customer demand efficiently as this depends on all aspects of the operational process. MOM is a key part of the solution needed by manufacturers to meet customer demand as this is dependent on all parts of an operation. MOM generates lower cost and higher efficiency.

Through utilizing MOM effectively, Haizol have successfully expanded their product offering and production volume through using existing manufacturing and assembly lines more efficiently, eliminating the need to increase capital. By using data effectively and allocating tasks in an agile manner when given requirements, companies have lowered cycle time and reduce inventory.

Haizol strive to become more agile and flexible whilst keeping costs stable. MOM enables companies to capitalize on productivity and efficacy of current capabilities to bring capacity in line with demand.

Haizol are also developing their use of IoT, the Internet of Things, which is at the core of the industrial change. MOM often utilizes IoT to derive important operational information. For instance, machine data, which reduces the effect of equipment failures, asset data, which makes best use of plant asset availability, and operational data, which advances operational performance and results in the development of better quality parts.

Haizol indicate having a strong central system is crucial to deliver effective manufacturing long-term. Planning, and having a fully integrated system with built-in quality management is crucial. The steps of manufacturers is firstly to procure the raw materials, then to use equipment and engineers to process the materials, then deliver them to the end user. A central system where this is handled improves efficiency and allows for future scheduling.

Manufacturing businesses should look at not only where they are in terms of digitalization and technology, but also in the process strategy. There is a lot of value added by adopting an integrated MOM optimized solution. This involves process and data, examining your organization in terms of how the various terms handing supply chain work together, and see where the gaps are.

Haizol is a one-stop sourcing solution which can assist companies to expand into the global market and improve their global operations through attaining sustainable excellence and providing planning across value networks. Experts in manufacturing and operations, planning and optimization, engineering, and supply chain.

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