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Has Modi Govt Delivered The Big Banking Turnaround?


The Indian banking industry is in a far better position today. Public sector banks (PSBs) which once battled with poor asset quality, bad debt, capital adequacy issues, and weak balance sheets have reported a stellar performance in the July-September quarter with some even reporting record profits. They have also recorded an impressive pace of credit growth in the July-September quarter. The turnaround in the performance of public sector banks is also getting reflected in the stock market performance of these banks. So what has led to this outperformance and is it here to stay? Watch Sakshi Batra in conversation with  Hemindra Hazari, Independent Analyst, and Anand Adhikari, Managing Editor, Business Today to find insights on the qualitative changes in the banking sector in the last few years, the outlook on the sector going forward and if there is anything which could derail their performance. Tune in to find out more.


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