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‘Heart broke for both him and Leviss’, Lisa Vanderpump on Scandoval fiasco

In a surprising revelation, Lisa Vanderpump opened up about her lack of communication with Raquel Leviss since the highly dramatic season 10 reunion of “Vanderpump Rules.” The SUR restaurant boss admitted that the intense emotions displayed during the finale episode were difficult for her to watch, as she felt a sense of heartbreak for both Tom Sandoval and Leviss, despite condemning Sandoval’s actions.

Raquel Leviss and Lisa Vanderpump.

During a recent interview with ET, Vanderpump shared that she has not been in contact with Raquel Leviss since the season 10 reunion, which was filmed on March 23. When asked about the future of Leviss and Sandoval in the “Vanderpump Rules” universe following their scandalous affair, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star revealed that she hasn’t had any recent communication with Leviss.

She expressed that Leviss needs to discuss what’s happening in her life with the group, while also acknowledging Sandoval’s longstanding presence within the cast and their business collaborations.

Vanderpump stated, “You know, four years before the show… That’s what I hope for them. I don’t think you can just shut the door on somebody. I think we’re all guilty of some things… maybe not that. But there must be some discussion, and I think we’ll be there for it.”

Vanderpump further admitted that the finale episode of “Vanderpump Rules” was particularly challenging for her to watch. She disclosed that the episode was filmed some time after the completion of the season, making the emotions raw and palpable. As a producer, Vanderpump usually enjoys the “ins and outs and shenanigans” of the show, but it becomes more challenging when she becomes emotionally invested in the group.

Despite condemning Sandoval’s actions, Vanderpump confessed that her heart broke for both him and Leviss. She stated, “Of course, what he did… it cannot be condoned in any way, shape, or form. But still, to see the utter misery and the devastation of the fallout.”

These revelations come in the wake of Sandoval and Leviss’ separation, which occurred just two months after their affair was exposed, leading to the end of Sandoval’s nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix. During the season 10 finale, Vanderpump had a conversation with Sandoval, showcasing her unique approach to supporting this group of friends.

She revealed that she doesn’t adhere to strict rules and chose not to “pile on” the catastrophe by taking sides. Vanderpump emphasized that she condemned Sandoval’s actions but couldn’t write him off as a person because of one mistake. She explained her perspective by saying, “I feel like a mother to some of these children. So, when he’s been criticized by the whole world, what will I do, pile on? No, I’m going to try and have a modicum of… not empathy, I don’t have empathy… but a modicum of hope. Maybe for the future.”

In April, Leviss sought treatment at a facility to address her mental health, as confirmed by a source. Leviss and her family had decided on this course of action before the affair was exposed, and Bravo and production were aware and supportive of her journey toward better mental health.

As the fallout from the scandal continues, Leviss released a statement in March acknowledging her behavior and commitment to self-reflection. She mentioned seeking guidance from a counselor and understanding her patterns of codependency and addiction to feeling loved. Leviss expressed her desire to make healthier choices and prioritize her well-being over unhealthy intimate connections that may negatively affect others and her friendships.

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With the absence of communication between Vanderpump and Leviss, the future dynamics of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast remain uncertain. Fans eagerly await further developments and revelations as the show continues to captivate audiences with its gripping drama.

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