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Hellenic for Telecommunications and Telematic Applications S A : CBL ANNOUNCEMENT-BONDHOLDERS’ MEETING – RESOLUTIONS



“HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND TELEMATIC APPLICATIONS S.A.” GEMI registration number 77127927000 (hereinafter the “Company”)

Notification for the resolutions of the Repeat Bondholders’ Meeting of the Convertible Bond Loan, of a capital of Euro up to 99,087,466.50 with the issuance of bonds convertible to new common nominal shares of a nominal value of €0.30 each (hereinafter the “Convertible Bond Loan”), issued by the Company.

Following the invitation dated 23.03.2021 together with the Company’s announcement dated 24.03.2021, regarding the convocation of a Meeting of the Bondholders of the Convertible Bond Loan issued by the Company and its announcement dated 02.04.2021, the Company announces that on April 7th, 2021, the day being Wednesday and at 11.00 a.m., in the offices of the Issuer, and in particular at the branch of Pallini, extension of Manis Str., P.C. 15351, Kantza, Attica, the Repeat Bondholders’ Meeting of the Convertible Bond Loan issued by virtue of the Program for the issuance of convertible bonds pursuant to Law 3156/2003 and dated 13.09.2016, as in force following its amendment by virtue of the resolution of the Bondholders’ Meeting dated 27.05.2020 and of the Issuer’s Board of Directors dated 05.06.2020 was held.

In this Repeat Bondholders’ Meeting which, as per the term 6.2.4 of the CBL Program, is considered to have a quorum irrespective of the portion of the CBL’s unpaid capital that is represented therein, Bondholders were present, either in person or by a representative, representing in total 2,199 bonds, who unanimously voted for the sole item on the business of agenda.

More specifically, the Repeat Bondholders’ Meeting unanimously approved of the amendment of the term 3.4 of the CBL, regarding the Issuer’s early prepayment right, by adding a case b) as below (the “Amendment”), as below:

a) The Issuer reserves the right of early, total or partial repayment at each annual anniversary of the Issue Date by decision of their Board of Directors, on condition of prior notification to the Bondholders, the Authorised Payments Officer, the Representative of the Bondholders and the ASE with a publication in the Daily Price Bulletin of the ASE at least ten (10) working days prior to early repayment and notification of the CSD, in accordance with the DSS Regulation.

In case of early partial repayment of the CBL, early repayment shall concern the amount corresponding to an integer number of Convertible Bonds, which shall be allocated between the Bondholders according to their participation in the CBL. In case the number of its Convertible Bonds or more Bondholders that are to be partially repaid is not an integer number, partial early repayment shall be carried out after


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