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Himansh Verma, CEO Of Navrattan Holdings Corroborates For Sustainable Healthcare Solutions             

Imbibing the existing solutions into successful innovations have led to the best breakthroughs in healthcare industry. And Navrattan Holdings is undoubtedly the leader in this field as can be ascertained from the Cholesterol immunization vaccine,developed to prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

Through constant initiatives aimed at, “Sustainable Development”, Navrattan Holdings ever since its inception in 1999 has shouldered the social and moral responsibility. 

Healthcare is one arena where Navrattan Holdings is moving with conviction. Under the initiative of Cholesterol immunisation , a vaccine named Jab for Health (J for H) which has been developed by late Dr. Istvan Horvath after 40 years of extensive research to prevent and treat atherosclerosis. 

The team of scientists at Navrattan Holdings collaborated with International Life Care (ILC) of Hungary, to develop the vaccine and make available this immunization technology for the people. 

A large number of people in various parts of the world suffer from Arteriosclerosis (or atherosclerosis), a condition, referred to as the last stage of a kind of vasoconstriction which thickens and hardens the arteries, causes calcification that makes arteries less flexible and more fragile. This can result in thrombosis and even death.  

Chairman Navrattan Holdings, Himansh Verma the man behind all the initiatives termed the company’s forthcoming ventures in the healthcare sector as “much needed”.  

“Healthcare solutions are more of a service and less of business and we as a company plan to provide the best healthcare facilities at the most nominal price to people. Relevant healthcare technologies will not only ensure the best coordination between the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals but also offer cheaper, faster and effective treatment,” Verma added.  

Technological innovation will provide affordable and quality healthcare solutions to the people, irrespective of their economic status. Better management, greater outcome and additional convenience will cater to the people at large, helping them win the battle against diseases, ensuring healthier and happier lives.


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