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Himanshi shares her chat with Asim, it was his idea to talk about religion

Bigg Boss 13 fame Himanshi Khurana deleted her X account after sharing her ‘final statement’ over her breakup with Asim Riaz. Taking to X on Thursday, Asim Riaz too posted a note in support of Himanshi and their decision to part ways. (Also Read | Himanshi Khurana announces breakup with Asim Riaz, says ‘We are sacrificing our love for different religious beliefs’)

Bigg Boss 13 contestants Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana were in a relationship.

Himanshi gives clarification, deletes X account

Himanshi wrote on X, “This is my last and final statement to clarify that I am secular person so I am not disrespecting any religion…I just chose mine. If I don’t wanna anyone of you to blame him (Asim) for breakup then I also want no one of you to blabber against me…From my past relationship I was quiet for reason I took whole blame here I tried the same but I am sorry people took it other way.”

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Himanshi shares pic of chat with Asim

She also posted a screenshot of their chat. She wrote, “You said I did” and Asim replied, “Sahi hai (That’s right). You should actually write the real reason about that we come from a different religion. We both have different beliefs. With all due respect to his and mine religion and not seeing any further together. We have parted ways.” Himanshi responded, “Likha tha but remove kia. Because woh tumhe target karta (I wrote but then deleted. You would have been targeted).” He wrote, “Bilkul nahi. 1% bhi nahi (Not at all. Not even 1%).”

She also posted a screenshot of their chat.
She also posted a screenshot of their chat.
Himanshi shared her 'final statement'.
Himanshi shared her ‘final statement’.

Asim breaks silence post Himanshi’s note

A few hours later, Asim shared a tweet. He wrote, “Yes Indeed we both agreed to sacrifice our love for our respective religious beliefs. We both are 30+ and we have full right to take these mature decisions and we made it. We’ve decided to part ways amicably, embracing our individual journeys. Respect for Himanshi and our diverse path and yes indeed I told her to write the real reason for our separation. Request you to all to respect our privacy.”

Himanshi, Asim broke up recently

On Wednesday, Himanshi took to social media and announced her break up with Asim. In a note, she said that they “sacrificed love for different religious beliefs.”

“YES, we are not together anymore, All the time we have spent together has been great but our togetherness comes to an end Now. The journey of our relationship was great and we are moving forward in our lives. With due respect to our respective religions, we are sacrificing our love for our different religious beliefs,” the note read. She also asked everyone to respect their privacy. “We request you to respect our privacy,” she added.

In another social media post, Himanshi wrote, “When we tried…But we could not find a solution for our life…You still love each other but luck is not supporting happily ever after…No hate only love…That’s called mature decision.” 

Himanshi and Asim met during in Bigg Boss 13 and soon fell in love with each other. After exiting Bigg Boss, the duo also featured together in several love songs.

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