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Homeworld 3 game: Release date, trailer and more


Much to the enjoyment of game lovers, Homeworld 3 is going to be released in February 2024 exclusively on PC (Windows). Developed by Blackbird Interactive, it will be a sequel to the much-loved space exploration based game and will involve fully 3D combat.

Screengrab from Homeworld 3 game trailer(YouTube/@Gearbox)
Screengrab from Homeworld 3 game trailer(YouTube/@Gearbox)

One of the latest trailers was shared on August 22, 2023 on YouTube. A description of the trailer read: “Today, the galaxy is burning. Join Intel Officer Isaac Paktu and Fleet Command herself, Imogen S’Jet, on a galaxy-spanning mission. Under sudden and brutal attack by a new enemy known only as the Incarnate, the Hiigarans must cross into the Anomaly, the place where the legendary Karan S’Jet disappeared without a trace. Tactical, beautiful, and wholly unique, the GOTY-winning sci-fi RTS returns with Homeworld 3.”

A gameplay trailer was released on August 25, 2023, highlighting Homeworld 3’s new co-op mode. Gearbox highlighted, “Commanders will need to manage fleet strength across waves of enemies and claim powerful artifacts that augment ships with each completed objective. Based on the results, players will unlock additional artifacts and starting fleets that keep the challenge fresh.”

As per the trailers, the game will see battles through advanced fighters, destroyers, and carriers amid enormous megaliths and trenches.

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Meanwhile, fans would surely expect Homeworld 3 to be available on macOS. There is a chance of it happening as the previous games were made available on the Apple’s operating system.

Some of the games of Homeworld franchise are Homeworld 2 (2003), Homeworld remastered collection (2015), Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (2016).


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