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How Can You Build a Healthy Profession in Yoga & Naturopathy

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In this week’s CareerWise, Let’s explore how to build a career in Yoga and Naturopathy

Yoga is based on Hindu Philosophical Traditions that date back to ancient India and focuses on our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Naturopathy is an old science based on a natural principles-based healing concept. The health-promoting, disease-prevention, therapeutic, and rehabilitative effects of numerous Naturopathy approaches are highlighted in ancient Indian literature. The five natural elements of ether, earth, fire, water, and air are used to create it.

People are beginning to recognize yoga and naturopathy as cures that have been demonstrated to be effective in a variety of ways. Naturopathy & Yoga courses and degrees are becoming extremely popular among aspiring professionals to pursue a successful career in the field, combining their education with a healthy lifestyle.

Courses in Yoga & Naturopathy

Candidates must pass their 10+2 science courses with a minimum of 45 per cent in physics, chemistry, and biology to pursue Yoga and Naturopathy as a career. An integrated study of natural medicine, as well as current therapeutic approaches, is part of the curriculum. The programme incorporates practical workshops in addition to medical history and theory to provide a thorough education in naturopathy and yoga. Interested candidates can choose from the following courses:

BNYS: The Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science is a medical degree programme in India that focuses on Naturopathy Medicine and Therapeutic Yoga. This programme takes 5.5 years to complete (4.5 years of coursework plus one year of internship). Students are required to pass the NEET UG exam in order to get admitted.

B.Sc. in Yoga and Naturopathy: The Bachelor of Yoga and Naturopathy is a bachelor’s degree that focuses on naturopathy and the use of yoga to cure medical problems. Students must achieve a minimum of 50% on their 10+2 exams.

Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences: Students must have passed their 10+2 or equivalent examination from any recognised Indian school board for a UG diploma, and they must have graduated with a minimum of 45 percent in any field for a PG diploma.

Yoga and Naturopathy as a career

Yoga and naturopathy are both growing in popularity in India. You will work with a diverse group of patients as a naturopath, from the elderly with chronic health problems to pregnant mothers and their children, as well as people who are continuously worried. Many individuals have become interested in the profession as a result of its natural foundation, particularly in the international community, and the number of doctors practicing Naturopathy has risen substantially. Yoga, a fantastic stress reliever, is growing in popularity among international tourists searching for soothing vacations, which is driving up the demand for yoga instructors.

A bachelor’s degree programme will offer you a thorough understanding of the subject over the course of three years, encompassing both practical and theoretical knowledge. The Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy, on the other hand, is a shorter course that provides you with the same benefits in less time and money. After course completion, students can work in Yoga & Naturopathy centers, AYUSH, Clinics & Hospitals, Health club, Event & Sports centers and Academic Institutes.

The following are possible work opportunities for students-

❖ Naturopath
❖ Yoga trainer
❖ Ayurveda Consultant
❖ Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor
❖ Ayush Practitioner
❖ Ayush Professor
❖ Health club instructor
❖ Researcher
❖ Therapist
❖ Diet & Ayurveda Specialist
❖ Naturopathy Physician
❖ Fitness trainer
❖ Yoga-Aerobic Instructor
❖ Assistant Research Officer
❖ Para-Clinical Specialist

If you enjoy engaging with people and gently assisting them in maintaining or improving their health and well-being, yoga and naturopathy may be a good fit for you. People are increasingly seeking such experts to assist them in improving their health. If you’re interested in this subject, enrolling in an industrial training school will be the most important decision you’ll make, because the scope and needs of this field are limitless.

— Written by Dr. Tanmay Goswami, Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University

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