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How to Claim Two-Wheeler Insurance Online?


If you are an ardent biker, you have perhaps come across people who don’t understand your passion for road-tripping. This is because they have never taken a long ride across scenic routes on their bikes. The feel of the wind on your face, scenic landscapes zipping by, and the whirring sound of the bike’s engine – the true biker lives for these moments. For those who belong to this category, we know that the bike isn’t just a vehicle but a travel companion. This is why it is important to purchase the right insurance policy for your two-wheelers. With the advancement of technology, both purchasing and renewing your insurance policy have become easier than ever.

One’s bike is often a valued possession and it is usually very upsetting to see any damage happen to it. However, no matter how well you ride, accidents can happen, especially if you commute in a crowded city with heavy traffic. In such unfortunate instances, you can make your claim and get the required financial and legal help from your insurance providers. Read further to know how to make your claim for your two-wheelers online.

When can you make a claim for your two-wheeler? 

Your insurance provider expects you to make a claim for your two-wheelers on the following occasions, if your bike has been stolen and has not been recovered, in case of an accident where third-party damage has occurred which includes damage due to person or property, and if your bike has been damaged due to natural disasters or accidents.

How to file a claim for your two-wheeler? 

Though claiming for your insurance online has been made easier, there are different procedures depending on the type of claim you want to make. The procedures for the same are as follows.

In case of a theft – The first and foremost thing to do in such situations is to report the theft to your insurance company. Your insurance provider will give you a claim reference number that can be used for further correspondence. After which, you can file an FIR with the local police and fill in the claim application of your two-wheeler insurance policy. With this, you should attach copies of your driving license, RC book, policy bond, and the FIR. Some insurance companies may also request your duplicate key be submitted to them to eliminate the possibility of theft due to your negligence.

Once the claim is filed, you have to wait for a period of three months for the bike to be recovered. If the vehicle is not recovered, the police would then issue a ‘Non-traceable Report’.

This should be submitted to the insurance company for the settlement of your claim, wherein you’ll be paid the Insured Declared Value of the policy by your insurance provider.

In case of a third-party claim – Similar to the theft claim, you are to inform your insurance company immediately of the claim and you will receive a claim reference number for future follow-ups. After this, file a FIR with the police. The third-party claim would be taken to the Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal (MACT),  where the extent of the financial liability will be declared.

Simultaneously, fill up a claim form and submit with attached relevant documents like your driving license, RC book, and the FIR to your insurance company. Once the extent of liability is declared by MACT, the insurance company will pay for the liability on your behalf and the claim will be settled.

In case of your own damage claim – Contact your insurance provider and inform them about the damages and the nature of damages. Upon being notified, you will receive a claim reference number and they will guide you to your nearest preferred garage. In case the bike is not in the condition to be taken to the nearest garage, the company will arrange for a towing facility depending upon the coverage of the plan.

Once the bike is taken to the nearest garage, an authority from your insurance company will confirm the extent of the claim suffered from your garage and will declare a claim estimate based on the inspection. Once the claim is approved, the bike repair will be started. After the bike is restored, the insurance company settles the bills directly with the garage and you might have to bear a portion of the claim. After the payment is cleared, the claim is settled and the bike will be delivered to you.


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