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How to Start an Ecommerce Business in Dubai


UAE holds an extraordinary position in comparison to all the other nations of the Middle East. It is one of the most wealthy countries within the region.

With one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, about 82% of the population uses the internet in this country as per the UAE Digital Media Statistics Report 2020. Thus, UAE can be regarded as an excellent place for an online e-commerce business venture.

For an e-commerce business, the UAE region is significantly pitched towards Dubai as the statistics reveal that this city has most of the online buyers. The Dubai Executive Council itself plans to raise the share of e-commerce in the local economy and is thinking of measures to attract foreign investments in the e-commerce sector.

Key Considerations for e-commerce business in Dubai

To start or expand an e-commerce business in Dubai, it is important to discover the market potential as this is one of the main factors that can influence your business. It is equally essential to have an understanding of the laws and tax compliance guidelines about the e-commerce business in Dubai.

An important parameter to be kept in mind is the financial analysis which deals with the financial assessment for the business venture.

Dubai’s overall framework can be viewed as truly outstanding, and it isn’t exceptionally hard for an e-commerce business to get success in Dubai.

Customer engagement can be a little daunting task since worldwide brands are present in the Dubai market. With so much competition, it is important to get yourself a place thereby giving the best experience and product to the customers.

Steps to Start an e-commerce business in Dubai 

To start an e-commerce business and to be able for it to run successfully in Dubai, you are required to understand the below-mentioned steps:


The basic step is to decide on which model you are going to work upon if it’s B2B where B stands for business or C2C where C stands for customer or B2C or C2B. The right business model to start while keeping in mind the target market, understanding the expectations of customers, working upon the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your business or product is necessary for any business venture to succeed.


One should be thorough with the finance or financial management to create a good performing e-commerce business. The detailed plan for capital investment and how much is needed, the operating cost of the business in a balance sheet, and lastly the breakeven sales along with minimum targets to fulfil for a no loss policy is important.


Creating a unique brand identity and story for your business is a crucial aspect involved with an e-commerce business. An excellent branding strategy involves a good brand logo, name, colour, design in sync with the vision and mission of the company.


Classifying products and services based on category, sub-category, brand, colour, size as well as giving a detailed description along with features, technical information, and a unique identity number plays a vital role in running a renowned e-commerce business.


From registering your business to receiving payments online, an e-commerce business involves complex processes such as creating a website catalogue, marketplace seller account, listing the products, managing inventory, filling orders, last mile delivery, etc. Buying a domain name in advance, hosting and designing an attractive website following your business type, and setting up payment methods are crucial steps towards building your web presence.


When a customer enters a retail store or malls, salesmen are waiting to throw some light on the products and their details, but in an online business, the salesmen are present in the form of product images on the website that a customer could see along with a good description. Hence, the photographs of the products should be very clear and crisp.


The majority of e-commerce websites do not have good content, and that is probably the reason they are unable to reach the right customers. A simple, relevant content along with keywords, effective research, and good use of SEO in combination with the USP of your brand helps to get to know your targeted customers about your brand or product.


Various applications and software are needed to operate inventory management, order receiving, its fulfilment, last mile delivery management, reports and analytics on customer reviews, etc. One should not build the applications and software needed to run the operations as various B2B services are already available in the market.


Social media marketing plays a vital role in maintaining the dignity and sales of your brand. Choosing the right platform on social media according to the age groups you are targeting is necessary.

Use the power of social media and invite the subscribers or followers to the website or reach out to bloggers or influencers having a good audience.


Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority for all kinds of business ventures including an e-commerce business. For best reputation management online, analysis of customer reviews is important.

If you are not getting good feedback, discuss the problems with your customer for their satisfaction.

Why YRC to handhold your e-commerce business

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