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How to use Collaboration to Grow your Audience?

Collaboration is the new endorsement. With influx of social media engagement happening, more audiences are spending their time on social media and on online platform, that its being of prime importance to collaborate with the someone who has high numbers of followers and engagement.

Why is collaboration important?

Collaboration helps in maintaining authenticity, credibility, and helps in establishing a brand that is unique. It brings along high engagement and viewership from different demographics. Growth hacking has not stopped and its influence can be seen in various social media platforms. For example, recently Snapchat made some changes in the way its stories worked, which led to 6.5 million deletions of its most popular Stories, the company lost $440 million in value. So, how can brands get involved in such kind of projects? Collaborating with some other brand has its advantages such as you can get access to the right audience, higher engagement, additional traffic, higher loyalty, and higher sales. When you collaborate with a designer, you can also create something original and valuable.

How to Find the Right Partner

Collaboration is not just talking to another business or customer but also adding value to the conversation. In order to find the right partner, marketers have to do a quick search of the type of audience you want to target and put that value proposition into the conversation. The fundamental thing to do is to find an active user who has a lot of engagement and followers in their space. Why is Collaboration Vital to Your Marketing One of the ways to grow your market awareness is to be in conversation with a targeted audience. It’s a highly viable way to reach out to people who can help you expand your audience. It is very important to do a market research before initiating any type of collaboration.

When to collaborate

When there is a need to spread the word of your product, or to promote your products at all available platforms, you need to collaborate with someone who has high followers and likes. Collaboration can be initiated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest or even on YouTube. When to Use Collaboration Sharing about your business is a creative and an effective way of engaging the audience. But that doesn’t always need to be done, when there are more interactive opportunities like: Co-promotion: Co-promotion means your products or services come on the basis of a joint promotion, but that co-promotion doesn’t need your collaboration. It could be with another brand that is similar to yours, or with someone else who you would like to promote your brand with.

How to make the most of your collaboration

To create a buzz for your business Invite members from your audience on your website and ask them to respond with their favorite topics for discussion and vote their favorite ones. On the other hand, stay away from sending out a mass message, which might lead to audience going ahead to interact on your posts. Post a question on your wall, ask members to vote their favorite ones, and invite them for a discussion Personalize your message and personalize the presentation of the post. Spruce up your website Add the latest features and designs. Promote your posts Post its link on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Social media can give you an idea of the impressions your campaign is making, but your next step should be to take it one step further and reach out to people. If you want to gain the momentum and reach of your marketing campaign, you have to use new marketing techniques, like cross-promotion.