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i20 N Line to Vaitarna Dam

This was going to be about a 6 hour long drive and the i20 N Line is a car that I am always happy to drive on a long trip like this. We’ve done numerous drives with it and from experience all I can tell you is that this is an excellent road trip machine. Although Hyundai has given it stiffer dampers, to aid its handling. That hasn’t come at the cost of comfort. It still does a good job of ironing out all the pothole ridden roads and handles bad patches like a champ. The stiffer dampers also add a sense of stability while gunning down the highways at triple-digit speeds. Plus it has some really well cushioned seats which provide a good amount of lumbar as well as side support.

After a very soothing early morning highway run, half-way through the journey we decided to exit the highway after passing the town of Sinnar. We turned on to some B-roads and if you ask me these are the best ways to explore Maharashtra. This is where you’ll find the true essence of this state. Its beautiful backdrops, tiny towns, villages, and numerous local eateries to grab a bite. Destination one for the day was the Vaitarna Dam and the next time you’re headed to Nashik, do yourself a favour and take this route. It has been freshly paved and has almost no traffic at all. It is wide, has a lot of flowing corners and some very nice tight bends too. And the best part about this 50-odd kilometre stretch is that it has beautiful lush plains on both sides. You also get a glimpse of some grape vineyards and windmills along the way and that is how you get to know that you’re nearing Nashik.

The other good thing about this region is that there are numerous small towns, where you can just go to relax for a weekend. Places like Kasara and Igatpuri. These places are good to visit all year round, but the Monsoon is arguably the best time, as everything turns greener and the water bodies get fully filled.

This section is one of the reasons why I brought the i20 N Line with me. It is small, offers very good visibility of the outside and is very easy to place because of its compact dimensions. Its 1-litre turbo-petrol engine is a gem too. The power plant produces 118bhp and 172Nm of torque, with a good amount of low end and mid range grunt. This powerplant urges you to step on the gas because of it’s revv happy nature. It provides a surge of torque between speeds that would put you in jail, and that’s exactly what you need to enjoy a car on B-roads.

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