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IGL participates in Mining Oil & Gas Conclave

New Delhi: IGL participated in the Mining Oil & Gas Conclave organized at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 3rd August 2022.

Shri Pramod Jain ‘Bhaya’, Hon’ble  Minister of Mines & Petroleum, and Gopalan & Shri Ram Lal Jat, Hon’ble Minister of Revenue, Government of Rajasthan inaugurated IGL’s pavilion set up at the conclave.

Later Shri Vinod Kumar Dhaaka, Vice President, IGL participated in the panel discussion on “Ensuring seamless Gas distribution and Pipeline Network”.

The conclave was organised by The economics times in an association with the Department of Mines & Petroleum, Government of Rajasthan in Marriott Hotel Jaipur.

Pramod Jain ‘Bhaya’, Hon’ble Minister of Mines & Petroleum of Rajasthan the chief guest of the conclave speaks about the state’s vision for the mining and petroleum sector.

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