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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a condition where a person is compelled and obsessed with repetitions. In this type of behavior, a person feels compelled to do one thing over and over again till it feels right. Often people with OCD get into the cycle of doing things. This can also trigger anxiety and stress. OCD treatment involves people slowly stepping out of their comfort zone and challenging their thoughts. Self-compassion is a necessary element for OCD treatment. Explaining the significance of self-compassion, Therapist Maythal Eshaghian wrote, “Self-compassion is an essential key component in OCD treatment, reminding us that through struggles and obsessions, we deserve understanding and kindness. It’s not just about managing symptoms; it’s about embracing ourselves with the same empathy we extend to others.”

Importance of self-compassion in OCD treatment(Unsplash)
Importance of self-compassion in OCD treatment(Unsplash)

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Here are a few reasons why self-compassion is very important in OCD treatment:

Creates a non-judgmental perspective: Often people with OCS become very self-critical in their thoughts. Since they are not able to come out of the cycle of repetitions and their thought patterns, they start to judge themselves. Being compassionate and empathetic to ourselves helps in losing the judgmental perspective.

Helps develop skills: Self-compassion allows us to become aware of our own thoughts and observe them so that we can challenge them or diffuse them with positive thoughts. This is an important skill needed for OCD treatment.

Promoted emotional regulation: Self-compassion helps us to slowly regulate the thoughts, emotions and feelings that we are feeling. This helps us to not react but respond to the thought patterns and slowly change them with positive impact.

Creates agency for change: Self-compassion comes with the belief of making things possible. It allows us to be patient and embrace small changes, helping in OCD treatment.

Encourages consistent engagement in ERP: Exposure and Response Prevention is a type of therapy done for OCD treatment. Self-compassion helps us to engage in therapy and push ourselves to become better.


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