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‘Indiana Jones’ star Christian Klepser killed in plane crash alongside daughters | Hollywood


American actor Christian Klepser, known as Christian Oliver, and his two daughters, Madita and Annik, aged 10 and 12, lost their lives in a plane crash off Bequia, a Caribbean island.

Christian Klepser(X)
Christian Klepser(X)

At 51, Christian Oliver had a prolific career, featuring in major films like Speed Racer and Valkyrie. He recently graced the screen in the latest Indiana Jones movie, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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The small aircraft, piloted by Robert Sachs, took off from F Mitchell Airport on its way to St Lucia. Tragically, the plane encountered difficulties shortly after takeoff, plunging into the Caribbean waters off Bequia.

One eyewitness was heard saying, “The plane crashed – call the Coast Guard.” Fishermen and divers rushed to the scene, but despite their efforts, all four bodies, including pilot Robert Sachs, were recovered.

The cause of the crash remains shrouded in mystery. Sachs radioed the tower about the trouble after takeoff, but communication ceased. Investigations are ongoing to unravel the circumstances leading to this devastating tragedy.

Christian Oliver’s impact reached beyond the screen. His co-star Bai Ling expressed deep sorrow, calling Oliver a brave actor and a beautiful person. Oliver’s recent Instagram post, just days before the crash, shared a tropical scene captioned, “Let love rule.”

Christian Oliver’s final movie, “Forever Hold Your Peace,” is set to release posthumously. Director Nick Lyon paid a heartfelt tribute, sharing a picture from their last day of filming, and reminiscing about years of collaboration and friendship.


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