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India’s data science education to handsomely outpace global growth


India’s data science education market is likely to outpace the growth of global data science education market, according to a report. According to the Imarticus Learning and Analytics Insights, Data Science Report 2023, India’s data science education market is estimated to grow from $204.23 million in 2023 to $1.39 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 57.52%, while global data science education market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 16.43% from 2022 to 2030 to touch $378 billion by 2030.

Imarticus Learning, an edtech company offers courses for professionals in data science and machine learning.

“BFSI sector is hiring the maximum number of data science professionals in India, followed by ecommerce/Internet and energy/utilities. These three industries account for over 60% of all data science jobs in the country,” said Karthik C, VP and Head of Data Science, Imarticus Learning, Mumbai.

Other sectors aggressively hiring include retail, pharma and healthcare, media and entertainment, automobiles, and telecom. The most-in-demand role in data science/analytics is that of a business analyst, followed by data engineer, data scientist, data analyst and deep learning, respectively, according to the 2022 Analytics India report.

The essential skills required to excel in data science include programming, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualisation, according to Karthik C.

“Data science and machine learning are now being used in text, audio, images, and videos too. The transition now is from numeric data to art, from solving business problems to helping people in day-to-day life,” said Nikhil Barshikar, founder and CEO, Imarticus Learning.Many startups are capitalising on this trend. Data science education industry is keeping pace by embedding newer technologies like Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI in the curriculums, said Barshikar.


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