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Internet finds Vicky Jain’s mom too rude as she tells Ankita’s mother to shut up


People on Twitter are getting triggered by a new clip from Bigg Boss season 17. Many women have commented that they are been reminded of their own toxic mothers-in-law after watching Vicky Jain’s mom bash his wife Ankita Lokhande on national television. (Also read: Vicky Jain’s mother lashes out at Ankita Lokhande for throwing chappal at him on Bigg Boss 17. Watch)

Vicky Jain's mother talked to Ankita Lokhande and him during a new episode of Bigg Boss.
Vicky Jain’s mother talked to Ankita Lokhande and him during a new episode of Bigg Boss.

On Sunday’s episode of the show, Ankita and Vicky got to chat with their mothers. However, it was only Vicky’s mother that spoke. Whenever Ankita’s mother tried to say something, she would rudely shush her. People on Twitter thought it was a classic case of the groom’s side thinking they were superior to the bride’s family. “Special spoon feeding session!! Ankita Lokhande’s saas (mothers-in-law) is big red flag. Typical Indian families, where groom side’s has upper hand over bride’s side,” read a comment.

Vicky’s mother was furious at how the two were fighting inside the house and mentioned Ankita kicking him and throwing slippers at him. During both the instances, Vicky was actually laughing. Ankita also got a bit agitated, when Vicky’s mother talked about how much ‘chhoot (freedom)’ her son had given his wife. The actor asked her mother-in-law what she meant by that. When the mom-in-law tried to do some damage control, Ankita asked her mother if their game was looking good on the outside.

Fans of the show are massively turned off by Vicky Jain’s mother. “The way his mother was always asking her mother to shut up its disrespectful and I would never let it be both side there should be mutual respect,” read a tweet. “Ankita ki mom ko bat tk karne nahi de rahi thi (She wouldn’t let Ankita’s mother speak) it was so rude,” read another tweet. “The way this woman kept shutting up Ankita’s mom… kudos to Ankita for staying calm! This saans kinda reminds me of Ankita’s onscreen saans in Pavitra Rishta,” tweeted another. Many even said that Ankita should have researched better before tying getting married to Vicky.

“What kind of saas she is… dominating…she was rude with Ankita and her Mom, was not letting them speak…hated her. Typical mother like son. Does not respect anyone,” read a tweet. “This is why I hate marriages. What is mother in law is like this. Freaking big red flag,” wrote another person.

Ankita and Vicky got married in 2021. She was earlier in a relationship with her Pavitra Rishta co-star Sushant Singh Rajput. They broke up in 2016 and he died in 2020 of apparent suicide.


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