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‘It’s really rare in industry…’, Chloe Veitch opens up about leaving reality tv


Essex-native Chloe Veitch is a familiar face to reality TV enthusiasts. She has appeared in several Netflix productions, including “Too Hot to Handle,” “The Circle,” and most recently, “Perfect Match.” While Chloe became a fan favorite on each show, it appears that her time in the world of reality TV may be coming to an end.

A familiar face on Netflix productions, Chloe Veitch has appeared on Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and more recently, Perfect Match.(Netflix)
A familiar face on Netflix productions, Chloe Veitch has appeared on Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and more recently, Perfect Match.(Netflix)

In an exclusive interview with TheThings, Chloe opened up about her future aspirations and her experience with sobriety. She revealed that while she is grateful for the opportunities that reality TV has provided her, she is ready to pursue a career in the performing arts.

“I would love to get into scripted,” Chloe said. “At the moment, I’m not going to chase any more reality TV. I would love to be the next Phoebe from Friends.”

Chloe also shared that her mother had initially attempted to get her diagnosed with ADHD, but because she was a female, it was deemed unlikely. Instead, Chloe found solace in performing arts, including acting, singing, and dancing. Singing, in particular, has been a form of therapy for her, and she has been doing it every day.

As Chloe looks to transition from reality TV to a career in the arts, she acknowledges that she will have to put forth the same effort as every individual hoping to pursue entertainment professionally.

While on “Perfect Match,” Chloe built a close friendship with “The Circle’s” Joey Sasso. Both Chloe and Joey have struggled with addiction and served as each other’s rock during the filming of the show.

“It’s really rare in this industry to find someone who really actually cares about how you’re doing instead of stepping on you to get where they want to be,” Chloe said. “Joey is also on his sobriety journey, so we have each other’s backs in that aspect. He’s so down to earth, he’s so nice to talk to in terms of mental health. You naturally gravitate towards someone in the same industry anyway.”

Chloe also spoke candidly about what it was like to be in a curated environment like “Perfect Match” while maintaining sobriety. She shared that it was challenging to be around so much alcohol, but being clear-minded allowed her to fully understand her emotions and see things clearly.

“When I walked into the house, I let everyone know I was sober,” Chloe said. “When I went on dates, I made sure there wouldn’t be alcohol. I was able to fully understand my emotions, I was completely aware of what was going on, and I could see things clearly.”

Chloe’s commitment to sobriety extends beyond her personal life. She has also been involved in the charity STAND, which aims to end the stigma surrounding addiction and provide resources to those struggling with addiction.

As with any form of addiction, the line between indulgence and over-indulgence is drawn differently for every individual. Chloe’s experience has taught her that it’s easy to stop, but it’s not easy to stay stopped. She works a 12-step program and attends AA meetings to stay on track and offer support to others struggling with addiction.

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Chloe’s dedication to her sobriety and her passion for the performing arts make her a force to be reckoned with. As she sets her sights on new goals, fans can’t wait to see where her journey takes her next.


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