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Jacqueline Fernandez reveals how she tackles social media trolls


Jacqueline Fernandez reveals how she tackles social media trolls

Jacqueline Fernandez reveals how she tackles social media trolls

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez, during a chat session with her ‘Bhoot Police’ co-actor Arjun Kapoor, said that some of the social media criticism makes sense to her as she takes it positively. Arjun has started a social media chat session titled ‘Bak Bak with Baba’ that will see the actor talk to his industry friends and family to unearth things that people might not know about. He dropped a candid chat session with Jacqueline, where they spoke about everything from her first crush, her fitness journey and how she tackles trolls.

The ‘Gunday’ actor asked Jacqueline: “The meanest thing that you have read about yourself on social media?”

She replied: “There are a lot of mean things. It’s ok we all get it. I read things about myself how terrible I sound, how terrible my accent is and how I speak Hindi, bad criticism on how I look. I kind of take it like positively. I am like ok what do they mean.”

She added: “Then, I feel may be there is some room for improvement. There is some criticism where you feel this person is being nasty. Some places actually makes sense to me.”

Talking about her first crush to Arjun, Jacqueline said: “There was somebody in school but I can’t name him. I also had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio after watching ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Titanic’ and Ricardo from Backstreet Boys.”

She further revealed to Arjun that she has “never been on a blind date.”

The actor, who plays Chiraunji in the horror comedy, then asked the actress about how important food is to her?

Jacqueline shared that she definitely loves to celebrate with food.

She also added: “There was a phase in my 20s when I did turn to food and that was late at night. I lived alone so it was like cake, ice cream, anything crispy. I actually did have a terrible relationship with food and then I went like starving for a week which is like really bad for you.”

“So, now it’s about knowing that I don’t need to turn to it, tomorrow is another day and we will get through it.”


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