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‘Justin Timberlake is problematic’, outrage over BTS’ Jungkook’s 3D remix


BTS’ Jungkook and Justin Timberlake’s upcoming 3D remix is making a social media trend but mostly for all the wrong reasons. This surfaced as fans noticed the ongoing issue surrounding the singer of Cry Me a River and his prior stance on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Many online users have expressed concern in response to the recent uproar involving Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, which has largely led to criticism targeted at HYBE Labels. Jungkook and Justin Timberlake are scheduled to drop a 3D old-school remix on November 24th at 2 PM KST. Also read: BTS’ Jungkook and Justin Timberlake to drop 3D remix today at this time; ‘Infused with Retro charm’

Jungkook, Justin Timberlake
Jungkook, Justin Timberlake

BTS’ Jungkook-Justin Timberlake collaboration sparks concern

On November 23, BIGHIT in its signature style, updated the fans with the new remix of Jungkook’s 3D feat Jack Harlow. The remix will feature none other than ‘once a pop prince Justin Timberlake’. However, the news is not settling well with a segment of fans who find Timberlake ‘extremely problematic’ owing to his recent controversies.

A user collected a number of controversial incidents concerning Justin Timberlake in a post. These incidents include allegations that he was involved in Britney Spears’s abortion and accusations that he promoted rumors about her on radio shows in order to benefit from them.

Some argued that the decision to collaborate may have been made prior to the incident, pointing to Justin Timberlake’s previous work with others.

A user wrote “i had no clue justin timberlake was problematic until today but my question is, if the fandom knew, why did y’all hype up the 3D x JB agenda so much? bc i’m pretty sure that’s the main reason hybe did it. 40% of the tweets the day 3D was released were abt JB”, another wrote “3D honestly didn’t need another remix, much less from another problematic white dude like Justin Timberlake. If you want to promote 3D, I suggest an extended remix with another verse and JUST Jungkook.”

Justin Timberlake’s past stance on the Israel-Palestine war sparks debate

If the controversy surrounding Britney was not enough, many pointed out his stance on the ongoing Israel-Palestine war which escalated the tension. Earlier in October, Pro-Palestinian protests were initiated criticizing US President Joe Biden and others for their support of Israel. This led to the creation of the NoHostageLeftBehind website and a letter praising Biden for his unwavering moral leadership. Users were quick to notice Justin Timberlake’s signature in the letter among others and many labeled him as an ‘Israel Supporter’.


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