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Kamya Punjabi ‘can’t watch Bigg Boss with family anymore’ due to Isha-Samarth


Kamya Punjabi finds Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel’s excessive PDA on the new season of Bigg Boss a bit too unappetising. The actor and former Bigg Boss contestant shared a tweet on Friday, mentioning how Isha and Samarth’s steamy antics have made the show unwatchable with family. (Also read: Bigg Boss 17 fans react to Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel’s steamy moment: ‘Ye galat show mein aagae’)

Kamya Punjabi has tweeted about the unwatchability of Bigg Boss.
Kamya Punjabi has tweeted about the unwatchability of Bigg Boss.

Kamya wrote, “Thanks to Isha n Samarth now I can’t watch my favourite show with my family. Kindly spare us and leave this house n get a room #BB17 @ColorsTV.” Her tweet got more than 100 replies where many agreed with her. One person wrote, “Yes bahut awkward ho rha tha family ke saath dekhne me (It’s become to watch the show with family).” Another wrote, “Makers can mute gaali and edits many parts from the main episodes but why are they still showing these moments because they want to show this for TRP.” A person commented, “Exactly even I had to switch TV off. But why cudnt the makers not show us that part. The makers are as much more at fault thn just thm.”

Another person, however, thought it is nothing to cause such controversy about. “Kitne couples aaye hai pehle k season main, this is nothing. Relax!! Which generation you are living in? Also your favourites Vicky Bhaiya and Ankita are there. Vicky ka extra marital affair with Sana. We can say a lot of things, but we won’t. So chill!” Another wrote, “Madam its a 16+ show. So its definitely not for the family audience.”

Samarth followed his girlfriend into the house as a wildcard entry. He is often caught on camera getting cosy with or kissing Isha. Another clip went viral on Friday as it showed Samarth forcibly kissing Isha even as she laughed and pushed him away. They don’t stop even as Mannara Chopra walks in.


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