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Kanye West aims to build 100,000-acre city ‘DROAM’ in Middle East


Kanye West has always dreamed big, but his latest plan might be his most daring yet.

Building castles in the sand? Kanye West's ambitious city plan faces reality check(Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup)
Building castles in the sand? Kanye West’s ambitious city plan faces reality check(Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup)

The rapper, famous for his innovative projects and elusive albums, is now aiming to create a whole self-sustaining city in the Middle East called DROAM. Yes, you read that right — Ye wants to construct a huge city on the other side of the planet.

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But this move comes with a history of incomplete ventures and deserted properties that have made fans both curious and doubtful.

For years, West has tantalized fans with album announcements that never come true, leaving followers disillusioned and annoyed. His most recent project, a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, was supposed to drop last weekend but, as expected, did not materialize.

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DROAM projected to double New York City’s size

Rumours now suggest that the album might come out on New Year’s Eve, but fans are wary of getting their hopes up. However, West took to X to share his boldest announcement yet- the creation of DROAM. He wants to build it somewhere in the Middle East, but he does not specify where.

The city, still in Phase 1 development, has plans to cover a staggering 100,000 acres — twice the size of New York City. West is looking for partners, inviting project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to join the ambitious project.

But while this visionary declaration was made, reports surfaced of West’s Los Angeles church, a property he bought in March for $1.5 million, now lying in neglect.

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Photos emerged showing boarded-up windows and piling up trash, creating a stark contrast to the visionary’s global ambitions.

To add to the drama, West recently put his Malibu home on the market after giving up plans to renovate it due to financial troubles. The home has no windows or electricity at the moment. That California property, gutted to its core earlier this year, now has a listing price of $53 million, considerably lower than the $57.25 million he paid for it just two years ago.

As fans process the news of DROAM, West’s past of unrealized projects and abandoned properties looms over this new venture.


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