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Kim Sae Ron back on Instagram over a year after drunk driving case; fans react


Actor Kim Sae Ron is back on social media after more than a year. She was MIA (missing in action) after she was booked by the Gangnam Police under charges of drunk driving. Recently she debuted a new look in her latest post on the gram and even shared some throwback photos. Also read: My Demon Ep 7-8 review

Kim Sae Ron in her new look.
Kim Sae Ron in her new look.

Kim Sae Ron new look

Kim Sae Ron took to her Instagram handle and posted multiple photos. In a few of them, she had a shorter haircut. Posing at an unknown location, close to nature, she looked refreshing in her new look. She also added some old photos of herself with longer hair.

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Fans welcome Kim Sae Ron

Reacting to her return with the new look, a fan wrote in the comments, “OMG Kim Sae Ron it’s back.” “Finally you’re back, really miss you… Everyone makes a mistake, fighting eonni (sister),” added another. One more commented, “Everyone deserves a second chance soooo as long as she learned from her previous mistake and does not repeat it again then it’s all good.”

Kim Sae Ron drunk driving case

The 23-year-old actor sparked controversy when she was caught by the cops after they received several complaints about violating the Road Safety Act on the roads of Cheongdam district of Seoul’s Gangnam area. Reportedly, she hit a transformer box and a guard rail while driving under the influence.

Following the reports, her the-then agency GOLDMEDALIST issued a statement and apologised to the public. It read, “Kim Sae Ron is deeply reflecting on her mistakes. In addition, Kim Sae Ron sincerely apologizes to the many people who have suffered damage and inconvenience and to all those who are working hard to restore the damaged public facilities, and promised to do her best to repair the damage.”

The actor also penned a handwritten letter on social media and shared, “I had an accident yesterday on May 18th around 8 am in Gangnam destroying public waste. I made a big mistake by being drunk at that time. My wrong judgement and actions have caused damage to so many people, merchants, citizens, and restorers. I should have been more careful and responsible, but I failed. I sincerely apologize. The damage caused by the accident is currently being sorted out with the company and will do our best to communicate and proactively resolve it until the end.” She also paid for the damages.

Kim Sae Ron and consequences of controversy

She also stepped down from the SBS K-drama Trolley following the incident. Kim Sae Ron was suspended from all of her activities and was revealed to be working part time at a cafe due to financial problems. By the end of 2022, she parted ways with her old agency as they decided to not renew her contract.

Kim Sae Ron made her debut as a child actor and starred in works like The Man From Nowhere, The Neighbor, A Girl at My Door and The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim among others. She is yet to announce any plans of return to work.

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