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Lana Del Rey says she’s ‘absolutely not in love’ after recent heartbreak


American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has opened up on her recent heartbreak. The 38-year-old artist got candid about being in love and falling out of it in a tell-all interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I’m definitely not in love right now. No, absolutely not in love. Have been, but no,” the Summertime Sadness hitmaker declared. Lana also explained what caused the rift between her and her recent ex-boyfriend.

Lana Del Rey is not in love anymore(YouTube)
Lana Del Rey is not in love anymore(YouTube)

Recalling the days leading up to her breakup, the Say Yes To Heaven singer said that her former boyfriend didn’t like her house and they had several fights over it. Apparently, the simplicity of the pop icon’s house is not easy to digest for some. Lana revealed that many people have shown their contempt for her house. “We had some fights over this house, a couple people,” she said, adding, “They didn’t get it.”

“I feel like even the most chill guy doesn’t really want to chill here,” the Cinnamon Girl singer said while talking about her house. Lana then expressed her shock over her recent breakup, saying, “Sadly, part of you knows … that ain’t it. … That one shocked me.” She added, “I won’t name names and whatever, but that one really shocked me, that person. That was actually the end of a relationship.” For the Young and Beautiful singer, it was a “tough nut to swallow.”

Lana also told the outlet that her recent ex only liked the “idea of her” but couldn’t really accept her for who she really is. She said, “In that person’s case, there was something going on with them, like a little bubble ego. See, I don’t get to have one anymore. It’s been smashed to … what do you call it? Smithereens. I’m sure it’s somewhere in my toe. That’s it. I’d love to grow one.” “I’m learning how. I’m learning. I know what I want,” she added.


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