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Letter: Renewable energy infrastructure is needed | Opinion

To the editor:

Massachusetts partnering with Maine to install a renewable energy infrastructure is encouraging (“Massachusetts, Maine to partner on large inland wind farm,” Jan. 7). It reminds me of preparations for World War II, when President Roosevelt asked Mr. Knudsen, CEO of General Motors lif he would lead Detroit automotive workers in re-tooling their factories to make tanks and other armaments. Knudsen famously left his job, took $1.00 as his salary and went to work. The productivity of the Detroit workers’ war effort was stunning.

We need that same spirit to ramp up production of clean energy technology like heat/ac pumps, EVs, EV conversions, gas-free appliances and EV chargers. We’re at war with a dangerous overload of greenhouse gasses, not just in the U.S., but the world. We need to get our clean energy technology up to speed — here, there, and everywhere. We need to ramp up our energy efficiency and protect, support and expand the natural sequestration of carbon in the oceans and forests.

Maine and Massachusetts are beginning something good — let’s hope it spreads around the world.

Janice Kubiac,


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