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Lockdown helps railway speed up ‘zero death’ mission


Western and Central railway take initiatives to control trespassing on tracks

Taking advantage of the lockdown that started in March last year, Indian Railways is speeding up works to achieve its ‘zero death’ mission in suburban sections of the Central and Western Railway.

Western Railway and Central Railways have in recent past taken several measures to control trespassing in Mumbai suburban section, and succeeded in drastically reducing deaths and injuries caused by it.

General Manager of Western and Central Railway Alok Kansal has been monitoring and reviewing the implementation of key initiatives taken by both zonal railways to save lives.

WR constructed 11 new FOBs

To make commuting safer on Mumbai suburban section, 11 new FOBs (foot over bridges) were constructed in the financial year 2020-21, while 30 FOBs were renovated or repaired and one FOB extended. Apart from that, in 2020-21, five FOBs have been provided between sections, which are more vulnerable to trespassing as people from nearby areas cross the railway tracks for moving from direction to another.

For ease of passengers, especially senior citizens and physically-challenged, five escalators have been commissioned. Work on 26 FOBs, 47 escalators and 54 lifts is also in progress on Western Railway line.

Boundary wall

During 2020-21, Western Railways constructed 15.26 km of boundary wall, increasing the total length of the boundary wall to 107.89 km in Mumbai suburban section. Strong fencing has been done at several locations where construction of boundary wall is not possible as a physical barrier to stop trespassing. Similarly, CR also constructed around 24 km of boundary wall on its suburban section in the last financial year.

Private security guards at 33 locations

Western Railway has provided gates with private security at 33 locations where boundary wall had to be opened for ongoing construction. Dividers of sufficient height have also been provided between the tracks at all stations to dissuade people from crossing the tracks and instead take to safer means such as FOBs. Sixty-four boundary wall gaps have been plugged in the year 2020-21 and seven in the current financial year (2021-2022) to prevent trespassing.

CR identified 73 vulnerable locations

CR has identified 73 most vulnerable trespass locations on its suburban section. Out of these, 59 have been closed so far and work of closure of other locations is on.

17 new FOBS on CR on the cards

Central Railway constructed 40 new FOBs between 2018 and 2021 on its suburban section. Besides, 17 new FOBs are proposed to be constructed in year 2021-22. Similarly, 54 escalators 35 lifts were installed between 2018 and 2021. Apart from that, 30 more escalators and lifts have been proposed in year 2021-22 on the suburban section of CR.

Intensive awareness campaigns

Intensive awareness campaigns are being carried out by Railway Protection Force at stations, schools, vulnerable locations and slums against crossing railway tracks. Banners have been displayed in death-prone locations to caution the trespassers. The sustained efforts and targeted solutions to control the accidental deaths have gradually yielded results and total cases of deaths due to accidents, including trespassing, reduced drastically.

Railways seeking help from state govt

A joint committee has been constituted in Central and Western Railway with principal chief safety officer, principal chief security commissioner-cum-IG/RPF, principal chief engineer and principal chief signal and telecom engineer as its members. Kansal has requested the state government to nominate a senior officer to be part of this joint committee, so that local agencies and railway can jointly work together to eliminate this problem.


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