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Mammootty suggested the interval point in Kaathal The Core, says Jeo Baby


Director Jeo Baby’s Kaathal – The Core, with Mammootty and Jyothika in lead roles, received widespread critical acclaim. Now, in an interview with Film Companion, Jeo Baby revealed how Mammootty ‘actively participated’ in discussions on the screenplay of the movie, and even suggested a pivotal moment during the interval. (Also read: Kaathal The Core Twitter reviews: Mammootty and Jyotika come together for ‘terrific, memorable’ Malayalam film)

Jeo Baby shared that Mammootty was deeply involved in the screenplay of the film.
Jeo Baby shared that Mammootty was deeply involved in the screenplay of the film.

What Jeo Baby said

Speaking on the Director’s Adda 2023 with Film Companion, Jeo Baby said, “The screenplay was precisely designed this way. In it, they never meet but watch each other from a distance. The script was crafted by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria. Mammootty was the first choice that came to my mind. I needed an actor like Mammootty Sir and also as a human being for this film. After narrating the story to him, he not only suggested some changes but also became deeply involved in the making of the film. His support was truly great. He actively participated in numerous discussions, in between. Sometimes, he sent WhatsApp messages to me occasionally with suggestions. ‘Can we change like this, can we add like this?’”

Mammootty suggested the pivotal interval point

“His support was truly invaluable. We both were involved in the screenplay. For example, that interval portion. Mammootty Sir said that, ‘I need that eye contact here.’ There was another version already written for that scene. So we changed that and we wrote that in based on his suggestion. It worked well. That’s how we created it. We wrote that, and we also discussed with my editors and co-writers… we both created these little things. I already told that whenever I was in doubt, we would be open to suggestions. We created an interval block like this and Mammootty liked that.”

About Kaathal: The Core

In Kaathal: The Core, Mammootty is Mathew Devassy, a retired-banker-turned-politician, and Jyotika is Omana Mathew, his wife. Mammootty is seen in the role of a closet homosexual in the film. His falling out with his wife Jyotika ends up in a legal battle, affecting Mathew’s political ambitions and the lives of the people around them.

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