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MFA considering possibility of arbitration due to appropriation of Ukraine’s telecommunications system, radio frequencies by Russia


MFA considering possibility of arbitration due to appropriation of Ukraine's telecommunications system, radio frequencies by Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is considering the possibility of arbitration of the case on the appropriation of the telecommunications system and radio frequency resource of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, said Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“In fact, the outcome is that the telecommunications system of Ukraine, which is the property of Ukraine, together with the radio frequency resource – both TV and radio frequencies – were stolen, appropriated. We are monitoring, and we have had huge reports on how Roskomnadzor continues to issue licenses on the use of Ukrainian frequencies, which are the property of Ukraine,” Dzhaparova said at a hearing at the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy on Friday.

“And here, it seems to me, there is a great prospect, first of all, a sanctions response – this work was definitely carried out, it needs to be revived, – and the prospect of arbitration, which, by the way, is being processed by us now,” she added.

The deputy minister added that an interdepartmental meeting is planned in a week, where they want to consider the prospect of arbitration.

“Since there is a fact of illegal use of radio frequency resources. In accordance with the regulations and statutes, such disputes should be resolved through diplomatic channels, and when this instrument is exhausted, then the prospect of arbitration appears,” she explained.

But there are nuances here, and at this interdepartmental meeting, we want, together with the State Specialized Communications Service, National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization, Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies, the National Council and everyone involved in this complex technical issue, to talk about our prospects and develop a strategy for our actions,” Dzhaparova added.


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