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MKES IMSR Hosts First Student Induction Programme


Malad Kandivli Education Society’s (MKES) IMSR (Institute of Management Studies and Research), a prestigious institution under the dynamic leadership of Shri Hasmukh Rambhia – President and Trustee – held its first-ever PGDM students’ induction programme. With a vision to nurture a new generation of business leaders equipped with the skills, knowledge and vision to drive innovation and success, MKES IMSR is all set to make a lasting impact in the field of business education.


The Guiding Gurus at MKES IMSR initiating the Induction Programme


Since its inception in 1942, MKES has been a beacon of knowledge and a contributor to society in the realm of education. Drawing wisdom from the scriptures that ‘Knowledge Alone Liberates’, it has continuously evolved. Today, its illustrious ‘Bhavishya Bharat Campus’ encompasses schools, a junior college, a degree college and a law college, offering a comprehensive educational journey from kindergarten to doctoral programmes across various disciplines. Building upon a legacy of four decades in Commerce, Arts, Science (IT/CS) and Law; MKES has expanded its portfolio to include the prestigious MKES Institute of Management Studies and Research, marking a significant milestone in its journey.


Under the inspiring guidance of Dr. (Mrs.) Ancy Jose, the Group Director of MKES IMSR aims to provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. She captivated the audience with an insightful speech, shedding light on the rich legacy of MKES and unveiling the essence of their new branch, IMSR. The audience eagerly looked forward to the promising future of PGDM. In her address, she also passionately shared the institute’s vision for societal impact through various undergraduate programmes, instilling a sense of purpose and responsibility among the audience.


They were then introduced to the distinguished faculty by the Director of the institute CA Dr. Varsha Ainapure, a faculty member herself, who presented an engaging overview of the curriculum and courses. The presence of all five trustees and the entire faculty made this occasion truly momentous.


During the event, the students were awestruck as they engaged in captivating conversations and forged connections with esteemed industry experts in Marketing, HR, Finance and Entrepreneurship. The faculty, predominantly composed of distinguished IIM alumni, left them in a state of astonishment, adding to their already pleasantly overwhelming experience. Dr. Sangram Tambe, an accomplished MBA & Ph.D. graduate from IIM (A), will be taking care of their HR specialisation. Prof. Praveen Tripathi, who holds degrees from IIT (K) and PGDM from IIM (A), will guide them in Marketing. Prof. Kulkarni from IIM (C) will mentor the marketing students and Prof. Kishor Bagri (MBA, CFA USA) will impart his knowledge to the finance students. Prof. Rukaiya Joshi will plan their S.H.A.R.E. experience. Additionally, the students will be joined by extraordinary professors of practice, further enriching their learning journey.


The 10-day induction programme started on 3rd July, 2023. The first day saw an exciting event meticulously designed to acquaint students with their new surroundings and instil within them the unique culture of the institution. It encompassed a diverse range of activities carefully tailored to ensure a smooth transition into life at MKES. The programme aimed to engage and inspire the students through informative sessions and enjoyable team-building exercises. They had the opportunity to explore the campus, meet industry experts, familiarise themselves with their soon-to-be professors and forge new friendships. The programme was thoughtfully crafted to foster a profound sense of belonging and create a lasting impact on the students. Equipped with knowledge and support, they were motivated to overcome challenges and lay the foundation for a bright future.


The event saw the newly enrolled students get their laptops & set off to explore the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities of MKES IMSR. With spacious classrooms that have enough room to build careers, cutting-edge tech to keep students ahead of the curve, a well-stocked library to inspire budding businesspersons and dedicated spaces for collaboration and networking, the school has been designed to foster an enriching and immersive learning environment.


MKES IMSR is dedicated to cultivating a culture of excellence, innovation and ethical leadership among its students. The carefully curated curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that all students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the business world. The school boasts a distinguished faculty comprising industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom.


Moreover, FinX is MKES IMSR’s industry partner, ensuring access for its students to 30+ top recruiters (and counting) as well as numerous internships, live projects and industry exposure opportunities. These collaborations bridge the gap between academia and the corporate sector, equipping students with the skills and insights needed to succeed in the competitive business landscape. The school aims to produce business leaders with the necessary technical skills and the vision to drive meaningful change in any workplace and create sustainable business ventures.


With courses like PGDM that promise practical, hands-on learning, MKES IMSR aims to build industry-ready professionals, excellent at systematically analysing problems and efficiently solving them, making them highly coveted in the modern business landscape. The astounding plethora of specifications available to each student ensures that every student’s need is met with a course tailored to their requirements. Here are some of the key aspects that set MKES IMSR apart:


Facilitation by Industry Practitioners

All Courses are facilitated by experienced industry practitioners who bring real-world insights and expertise to the classroom. This approach ensures that students gain practical knowledge and skills directly applicable to the business environment. By learning from industry experts, students are exposed to current industry trends, best practices and emerging technologies, preparing them to navigate the challenges of the corporate world.


Personal Growth Labs

MKES IMSR places great emphasis on the development of soft skills, which are vital for success in the professional world. To cater to this aspect, the school offers personal growth labs, specialised workshops and training sessions designed to enhance students’ interpersonal and communication skills, leadership abilities and emotional intelligence. These labs provide a nurturing environment for students to develop their personal and professional competencies, equipping them with the essential skills to excel in their careers.


Leadership Series

This series features guest lectures by distinguished CXOs, both nationally and internationally renowned, who share their insights, experiences and leadership philosophies with the students. These interactions offer valuable opportunities for students to gain valuable insights from successful business leaders, expand their network and gain inspiration from their achievements.


The induction programme of MKES IMSR marked a significant milestone in the institution’s journey to shape the future of business education across the nation. With a commitment to excellence, industry relevance and holistic development, this business school is poised to contribute to the field substantially.


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