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More companies in Europe engage in B2B ecommerce


B2B ecommerce continues to take hold in Europe, based on new data from the Chamber of Digital Economy, a Polish research firm.

“Many manufacturers and distributors are undergoing digital transformation and becoming involved in ecommerce — nationally and internationally, which is an enormous opportunity for them to keep growing,” the chamber says.

41% of companies are now active in B2B ecommerce and consider their entry into this area of business to be a success. One in four companies obtains more than 80% of revenue from ecommerce, says the Chamber of Digital Economy. As many as 95% of companies see positive effects of launching online sales. And most companies, on average 3.86 (on a 1-5 scale), consider it a success.


The benefits companies most frequently cite:

  • Increased scale of operations and turnover
  • Higher efficiency and profitability
  • More efficient order processing

B2B ecommerce in Europe continues

Estimates have 2022 European B2B ecommerce sales reaching $1.33 trillion. B2B ecommerce sales in Europe are growing at a compound annual rate of 12%. Total B2B ecommerce sales are projected to reach $1.8 trillion as soon as 2025.

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