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Multi-system operators get ultimatum to submit details

The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has given a final opportunity to multi-system operators (MSOs) to furnish information about their network details by extending the deadline to December 16.

In an advisory on Friday, the ministry noted that many MSOs have still not got themselves registered on the Digital India MIB portal and furnished information about headend locations, conditional access system, transport stream/frequency detail, RF feed details, and platform service details.

“Now, therefore, in the exercise of powers conferred under Rule l0 A of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994, all the MSOs are hereby informed that the last date for registration on has been extended up to 16/12/2022. This may be treated as a final opportunity to furnish the requisite information,” the MIB said.

The ministry asserted that failure to furnish the required information within the prescribed time limit will be construed as a violation of the terms and conditions of MSO registration.
“It may lead to the initiation of proceedings under Section 4(7) of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 and Rule 11(7) of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994 for the suspension/revocation of MSO registration,” it added.

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