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NCUI brainstorms with State Co-op Unions

The country’s apex body of cooperatives NCUI recently conducted a two-hour national-level webinar with 150 representatives of all the State Cooperative Unions and Junior Training Centres across the country taking part in it.

In his opening remarks Dr Sudhir Mahajan, Chief Executive, NCUI, apprised the participants of the proposed in-depth assessment of the JCTCs/CCMs being conducted by the NCUI.

In a bid to impart cooperative education & training across the country to deepen the cooperative movement at the grassroots level, Mahajan suggested the integration of these cooperative training centers with the NCUI cooperative education field projects.

Sandhya Kapoor, Director, NCUI, conducted an in-depth discussion about the current Central Sector Scheme on Cooperative Education and Training for assisting Junior Cooperative Training Centres in the country and the benefits available under the scheme.

It bears recalling that reimburses 50% of the expenditure incurred by the Junior Cooperative Training Centres (JCTCs) on organizing employee training programs, trainers’ training programs, teaching aids, material & critical repairs, and renovation.

NCUI’s research partner – AFC India apprised the participants of the various elements being covered in the in-

depth assessment of all the JCTCs and State Cooperative Unions that the NCUI is conducting. This study is exhaustive and will cover all the aspects like infrastructure, programs, course curriculum, districts covered, teaching & training equipment, human resources, etc., enabling the Ministry to properly grasp the current status of the structure of cooperative training in the country.

An hour-long session was dedicated to understanding participants’ queries based on their suggestions to improve the working of the training centres. More than half of the cooperative training centres need substantial improvement of their infrastructure – classroom, hostel, library, and the building.

The interaction session was followed by concluding remarks by Ritesh Dey, Director, wherein he reiterated the need for affiliation between the State Cooperative Unions and various state-level universities to provide recognition to the courses offered by the JCTCs. He also emphasized the mapping of districts being covered by the JCTCs. A district has blocks and blocks have gram panchayats thereby deepening the cooperative movement at the grass-roots level, Dey said.

Approximately 116 cooperative training centers are being run by about 30 State/UT cooperative unions in the country. Anurag, program coordinator and Assistant Director (NCUI) proposed a vote of thanks on this occasion.

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