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New online map shows what roads are plowed in Kitchener, Ont. – Kitchener


There is a new way for Kitchener, Ont., residents to get around town during a snow event.

The city has introduced an online map called Getting Around.

In a news release, the city said the map is designed to help residents plan their route in the event of a declared snow event in Kitchener.

They say the map will be available after a snow event is declared by the city.

Once it is declared, the map will show what roads have been treated most recently by a winter maintenance vehicle, and the time range for when that road was last serviced by a winter maintenance vehicle.

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The map will remain available until 24 hours after the snow event has been cancelled.

Residents can get a link to the online map by signing up at the City of Kitchener’s website.



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