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Nick Jonas tells live audience to stop throwing stuff at him during concert


Nick Jonas is the latest one to object to live audience throwing things at the performer on stage. During Jonas Brothers’ recent concert in Sacramento, California, Nick firmly asked fans to stop throwing bracelets at him while he was performing on stage. (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra reacts as Nick Jonas shares pic, recalls one of their first dates at Dodger Stadium)

Nick Jonas asks fans to stop throwing stuff at him on stage
Nick Jonas asks fans to stop throwing stuff at him on stage

Nick says NO to fans

In a video going viral on X (formerly Twitter), Nick is seen performing Jonas Brothers’ song Rollercoaster on the stage, when a fan in the audience throws a bracelet at him. That takes Nick by surprise, but as a pro, he continues singing. More fans throw bracelets at him, making Nick stop and firmly say, “No. Stop!,” also gesturing the same with his hands. He then shakes his head in disbelief, while sporting a mild smile, and then continues performing.

Latest string of similar events

In June, pop star Bebe Rexha was hit in the face and injured by a mobile phone hurled from the audience at a show in New York on Sunday night. A man was arrested, police said of the offence. The Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter was taken to a hospital after the phone hit her. A bruise and a bandage were visible above her left eye in social media posts she made a couple of days later.

In July, Harry Styles was also hit with an unidentified object in the face while performing on stage at a Vienna concert. He was seen holding his head for a few seconds after the strike.

The same month, Drake was hit with a cellphone while he was performing on stage too. In subsequent concerts, he dodged vapes and books thrown at him too. He even warned the audience members and said, “You’re lucky, I’m quick.”

Adele addressed this trend during a recent Las Vegas concert and said on stage during her performance, “Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting f–king show etiquette at the moment, people are throwing s–t on stage? Have you seen that? F–king dare you. I dare you to throw something at me.”


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