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Nima Yamini says it’s a ‘silly joke’ after Matt Rife considers legal action


Comedian Matt Rife is reportedly taking legal action against self-proclaimed comedian Nima Yamini, following Yamini’s video, in which he claimed to have witnessed Rife engaging in oral activities with “Hollywood executives” for fame.

Matt Rife contemplates defamation lawsuit against Nima Yamini over allegations.(X/AP)
Matt Rife contemplates defamation lawsuit against Nima Yamini over allegations.(X/AP)

TMZ reported that Rife and his team are exploring legal options, considering a defamation lawsuit against Yamini. The comedian is allegedly “sick of people using his name for clout.”

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Rife’s social record is not without blemish

In December, amid controversy over a domestic violence joke, Rife engaged in a peculiar feud with a six-year-old on TikTok. After the child commented on one of his videos, Rife vouched to tell the child that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and that the child’s mother funds his presents with her “OnlyFans profits.” This caught many eyes, with many viewing it as Rife unfairly targeting a child for no apparent reason.

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The recent legal consideration stems from Yamini’s video, where he claimed to have been in a meeting with two Hollywood executives, alleging that they demanded oral favours from both him and Rife in exchange for fame.

Yamini said that he “immediately got up and walked to the door” but alleged that Rife was giving them “bl***obs” before he exited the room.

“That guy’s name was Matt Rife,” Yamini claimed.

‘My silly joke shouldn’t discredit him’

In response to the controversy, Yamini later posted a video stating that he was only joking. He explained that the allegations were part of a parody bit.

He said, “A while back, I did a parody video on my page, ‘Alpha King Nima,’ about comedian Matt Rife. Alpha King Nima is satire; it’s jokes.”

The so-called comedian also clarified that he does not know Rife personally and has never met him or been in the same room with him and Hollywood executives.

“I don’t know Matt Rife. I’ve never met him, but my silly joke shouldn’t discredit him. I really do wish him success, and my content is entirely satire….”

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“My content is exclusively for entertainment, no hidden agendas. So please, everyone, stop hating based on rumors, lies, gossip, jokes. Matt Rife didn’t have me do this, but I wanna give an explanation. That was wrong. The Matt Rife conspiracy is just not true,” Yamini concluded his video.


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