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NRS Launches B2B eCommerce Platform for Retailers 


National Retail Solutions (NRS) has launched a B2B eCommerce platform for independent retailers. 

The new NRS B2B Marketplace brings together wholesale distributors and suppliers and the owner-operated convenience stores, bodegas, liquor stores and tobacco stores that use NRS’ point-of-sale (POS) network, NRS said in a Monday (Dec. 5) press release

“Wholesale distributors can now utilize our B2B marketplace to access this dynamic retail network with enhanced reach and efficiency,” NRS President Elie Y. Katz said in the release. 

For suppliers and distributors, the NRS B2B Marketplace will allow access to independent retailers that were previously difficult to reach because they didn’t use order automation, couldn’t meet minimum order requirements or faced logistical challenges. 

For the retailers, the platform will offer access to more wholesale supplies, tailored insights into which items they should carry and advice on optimal order sizes. 

“When a store joins our POS system, it is no longer just a single retail location. It becomes part of our nationwide retail network, and we provide it with the tools and scale it needs to compete effectively against large retail chains,” Katz said in the release. 

The NRS B2B Marketplace team will be headed by Pavel Danilov, the former CEO of Fridge No More, who has been named NRS’ vice president for B2B commerce, according to the release. 

“The NRS B2B Marketplace will work in conjunction with our retailers’ POS inventory management software to enable retailers to order the right items and the right amounts of inventory to maximize sales and cash flows,” Danilov said in the release. 

The launch of the platform comes about three weeks after NRS partnered with Uber Technologies to facilitate delivery to consumers from participating NRS local retailers and bodegas

The partnership will offer Uber Direct’s same-day delivery service to independent retailers operating the 17,000 stores that use NRS’ POS terminals, the companies said Nov. 17. 

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