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OPD Insurance: Add-on plan to cover consultation charges launched – Check coverage

The cost of hospitalization is increasing and the importance of health insurance plan is also rising. While health insurance plans provide coverage if there is a minimum 24-hour hospitalisation, many health covers also provide coverage for daycare treatments. However, OPD expenses are still not covered by most health insurance plans. If the health plan doesn’t cover OPD expenses, they have to be met as out-of-pocket expenses by the policyholder.

For existing health insurance policyholders, now there’s an option to cover OPD expenses. Aditya Birla Health Insurance has launched ‘OPD Add-on’ for policyholders to address their health and wellness needs. This product can be added to the existing indemnity plans to provide unlimited medical consultation at an affordable price.

The OPD Add-on cover aims at solving customer problems by providing hassle-free physical and virtual consultation, which leads to a quicker treatment. It also offers a range of special consultations such as Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Paediatric, Ophthalmologist, Physiotherapist and Nutritionist, referred or prescribed by a General Practitioner, in relation to any illness or injury.

Mayank Bathwal, Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Birla Health Insurance said, “New-Age Insurance is all about being proactive, taking preventive measures and being there for our customer. Hence, we came up with an OPD Add-on cover with both physical and tele-consultation which can be easily accessible for policyholders. This cover will help them consult doctors virtually as well, irrespective of their location. We are excited to launch this product with Policybazaar and provide a comprehensive Health and Wellness ecosystem to customers, to enable them to live a healthier life. This partnership with Policybazaar will help us reach out to their large customer base, through their platform.”

Sarbvir Singh, CEO, commented, “Health insurance with OPD coverage is an urgent need for the country as 60% of all healthcare expenses are OPD, and these are currently paid out of pocket. This product solves a large unmet need. We have always had customers coming and asking for OPD plans and this should really help address that market gap. This completely aligns with our vision of making financial security accessible to every Indian household when they truly need it.”

Types of OPD Add-on Cover

Option (1) Rs 599 per insured (excluding tax)

Unlimited Physical Outpatient consultations by a General Medical Practitioner

Option (2) Rs 799 per insured (excluding tax)

Unlimited Physical & Virtual Outpatient consultations by a General Medical Practitioner

Option (3) Rs 999 per insured (excluding tax)

Unlimited Physical & Virtual Outpatient consultations by a General Medical Practitioner

Physical specialist consultations (Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Paediatrics, Ophthalmologist, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist) referred/prescribed by General Practitioner

There is no waiting period in OPD Add-on cover which avails the cover from Day 1 and covers over 32000 doctor networks in 70 plus cities. Selection of OPD Add-on will be applied at the policy level. Hence, all the insured will receive benefits on an individual basis by default. The minimum and maximum age at entry will be as per the base policy.

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