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Perfect biome to build ultimate Viking base in Valheim. All questions answered

Valheim, the Viking-inspired survival game, has been a hit since its release in early 2021. One of the most important aspects of the game is base building. A well-placed and well-constructed base can mean the difference between life and death in the game. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best places to build a base in Valheim.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to building a high-utility base, location is key. Don’t make the mistake of building your base at the top of a hill if you plan on hauling ore or materials. Instead, consider a location close to a Black Forest or Ocean for easy transport. And don’t forget to think about the entrance – you don’t want to be stuck trying to navigate a fully-loaded cart up a steep incline!

When considering a base location, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

Proximity to Resources: A good base location should be near the resources you need, such as iron, copper, and tin. This will make it easier to gather materials and craft the weapons and tools you need to survive.

Proximity to Biomes: Different biomes in Valheim have different resources and enemies. A base located near multiple biomes will make it easier to gather a variety of resources and take on different enemies.

Proximity to Water: Water is an important resource in Valheim, and a base located near a river, lake, or ocean will make it easier to gather and transport water.

Terrain: The terrain of the area where you plan to build your base can also be important. A flat area will make it easier to construct your base, while a hilly or mountainous area can provide natural defenses against enemies.

Where is the best place to build a starting meadows base in Valheim?

Building a meadows base in Valheim

The Meadows is an ideal location for a starting base, especially in a dedicated server. It’s recommended to build the base as close as possible to a Black Forest border for better loot. A location closer to a Black Forest is more optimal than a location next to an Ocean in the early game, but once the player starts moving ore from a Mountain or Swamp to their Meadows base via Boat, they will almost certainly desire a base as close as possible to the Ocean for easy product transfer.

What should I consider when choosing the position of the entrance for smelting and storage areas?

When considering the main entrance for a base, consider where it will be easiest to navigate a fully loaded cart. Look for flat ground in the direction of the chosen Black Forest.

Can I build a base in any biome in Valheim?

Yes, you can build a base in any biome, but some biomes are more challenging than others. The best location for any base is on flat land, although almost any area is suitable with enough excavation.

Where is the best location to build a base in a Swamp biome?

Building a base in swamp biome in Valheim
Building a base in swamp biome in Valheim

Once teleporters become accessible, it may be worth making a Swamp base, depending on the map seed. This will allow players to smelt Iron without boating it back to their main base but also exposes the player to significant danger during construction. It is almost always better to place a base in a biome adjacent to a Swamp for material processing with a minimally covered teleporter in the swamp for farming things like Guck and Ancient Bark.

Where is the best location to build a base in a Mountain biome?

Building a base in mountain biome in Valheim
Building a base in mountain biome in Valheim

Mountain biomes will have abandoned stone towers and cabins in higher elevations (if the biome is large enough) that are great candidates for renovations. Abandoned structures tend to spawn on level ground, so they also make a fine place to build. A mountain near an ocean or a large river makes a suitable place for an Iron mining base, assuming there is Iron present in the biome.

Where is the best location to build a base in the Plains and Mistlands biomes?

Building base in mistland biome in Valheim
Building base in mistland biome in Valheim

When considering a base in the later game biomes, like the Plains and Mistlands, it is most important to position a base near water. At this point in the game, gathering and transferring ore is one of the most painstaking operations players will need to undertake.

A wide canal or Ocean nearby will save the player a significant amount of trouble. If the player is fortunate enough to find the ritual location of Yagulth, a base nearby not only makes for some cool scenery but convenient farming as well. The Mistlands are currently won’t spawn any enemies, making it a perfect spot for creative base building with spooky scenery.

Using a cart in Valheim

Cart in Valheim
Cart in Valheim

Using a cart in Valheim is important for transporting large quantities of items, such as wood and ore, from one location to another. Carts can hold up to 1000lbs of weight, making them a valuable tool for resource gathering and base building.

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