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Poonam Pandey says people monetarily benefitted from her fake death stunt


Poonam Pandey seems to have a lot to say about her fake death stunt, which she pulled off in the name of cancer awareness. Recently, she was trolled even more after she pulled down social media posts on cervical cancer, which she said was the main motive. In a fresh post, she alleged that it wasn’t her but other people who have been monetarily benefitted from the whole episode. Also read: Poonam Pandey trolled after she removes all cervical cancer posts from Instagram

Poonam Pandey claimed to be dead for cancer awareness.
Poonam Pandey claimed to be dead for cancer awareness.

Poonam Pandey on her death stint

Poonam wrote, “Honestly I am happy that my post did manage to reach many people and made them aware of cervical cancer. Which is what I only wanted to. But what hurt me is that some people benefitted monetarily and drove me into the cause pretext but I will always stand by it and continue to lend my support now and forever. But rest is for you all to investigate that who made it commercial.”

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Her post arrived after she had promised on social media, “The truth shall be revealed soon.” Many had called it yet ‘another drama’ of the actor-model.

Poonam’s recent controversy

On February 2, Poonam fooled everyone on the internet when a post on her official Instagram handle claimed that she died from cervical cancer. Her manager also confirmed to multiple news publications that she had indeed died of cervical cancer at the age of 32. However, a day later, Poonam reappeared on Instagram, saying that she had faked her own death to spread awareness about cervical cancer.

In an Instagram video, she said, “I am alive. I didn’t die of cervical cancer. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about those hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives because of cervical cancer.” Her publicity stunt backfired brutally, causing uproar and trolling on the internet.

So far multiple complaints have been filed against Poonam for her stunt.


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